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Application of Big Data in Pharmaceutical Industry

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The real core of big data application lies in mining the information value contained in data, rather than simple data calculation. So, how to serve the pharmaceutical industry with the help of big data?


86-3-fully automatic capsule filling machine


1. Big Data Contributes to Accurate Market Positioning of Pharmaceutical Industry


Market data analysis and research based on big data is the first step for enterprises to carry out brand positioning. In order to gain a share on the market without smoke of gunpowder, pharmaceutical enterprises need to construct big data strategy, broaden the breadth and depth of survey data of pharmaceutical industry, understand market composition, market segmentation characteristics, consumer demand and competitor status from big data, and put forward better suggestions and advice for solving problems based on scientific and systematic information data collection, management and analysis. It is to ensure that the market positioning of enterprise brand is unique and personalized and improves the industry acceptance of enterprise brand market positioning.


Market positioning is very important for pharmaceutical industry market development. Only with accurate and even precise positioning, enterprises can build products that meet the market demand and make themselves in an invincible position in the competition. To do that, there must be enough information data to analyze and judge for the pharmaceutical industry researchers. With the help of data mining and information collection technology, it can not only provides sufficient sample capacity and data information for researchers, but also establish mathematical model based on big data to predict the future market.



2. Big Data Has Become a Powerful Tool for Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing


The total amount of information on the Internet is rising rapidly from the popularity of search engines and social networks to smart mobile devices with one machine everyone today. A lot of information covers business information, personal information, industry information, product use experience, commodity browsing records, commodity transaction records and other massive information. These data can form big data of pharmaceutical industry through clustering, which hides the market demand and competitive intelligence of the pharmaceutical industry and shows great wealth value. Take capsule machine as an example, such as the manufacturing, sales, use and maintenance of different types of capsule machines (e.g. automatic capsule filling machine, semi auto capsule filling machine, capsule filling machine hand operated, etc.).


Whether it is products, channels, prices or customers in the marketing work of pharmaceutical industry, every work is closely related to the collection and analysis of big data, and the following two aspects are the top priority in the marketing work of pharmaceutical industry. One is to fully understand the market information by obtaining data and statistical analysis to grasp the business information and dynamic of competitors and know the market position of products in the competitive group. Second, enterprises can help to analyze the consumer behavior and value interest of customers by accumulating and mining the consumer profile data of pharmaceutical industry, so as to better serve consumers and develop loyal customers.



3. Big Data Supports Revenue Management of Pharmaceutical Industry


As a theoretical discipline to maximize revenue, revenue management has been widely concerned, promoted and applied by people in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. The purpose of revenue management is to sell the right products or services to the right customers at the right time, right price and through the right sales channels, so as to achieve the goal of maximizing the enterprise's income. In order to achieve the goal of revenue management, demand forecasting, market segmentation and sensitivity analysis are three important links of this work, and the basis of promoting these three links is big data.



4. Big Data Innovation and Pharmaceutical Industry Demand Development


With the innovation and development of forum, wechat, e-commerce platform, comment website and other media in PC terminals and mobile terminals, public information sharing has become more convenient and free, and the initiative of public information sharing promotes the development of a new form of public opinion,online review. Hundreds of billions of online reviews on wechat, comment website and comment pages have formed interactive big data, which contains huge demand development value of pharmaceutical industry and is worthy of attention of enterprise managers.


As a pharmaceutical industry enterprise, if the online comment data of pharmaceutical industry is collected and a large online comment database is established, then consumer behavior, new consumer demand reflected in the comments and product quality problems of enterprises will be understood with word segmentation, clustering, emotional analysis, so as to improve and innovate products, quantify product value, formulate reasonable prices and improve service quality. Thus greater revenue will be obtained from it. For example, the equipment applied in the whole process of medicine(e.g. pill capsule filler) can be analyzed and studied, including the data record analysis of capsule filling machine, vacuum packing machine, automatic table counting machine, etc.


Big data is not a mysterious word. As long as pharmaceutical enterprises are good at accumulating at ordinary times and collecting, excavating, counting and analyzing these data with automatic tools for their own utilization , it will effectively help themselves improve their market competitiveness and acquire good returns.


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