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Application of Easy-open Package in Medical Field

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The first commercial use of the easy-open packaging was for ketchup. After understanding its characteristics, people found that it is very suitable for packaging medicines because this kind of packing is clean, healthy and easy to open. 



When Did Easy-open Packaging Enter the Medical Field?


In 2019, easy-open packaging began to be used to package medicines. As there are a large number of elderly and disabled people in society, we have to care about their life and health. Most of the elderly are suffering from some diseases, timely medication can ensure the effect of treatment. However, physical limitations such as poor grip strength, impaired vision, and slow movement can have a negative impact on medication. These effects may cause the elderly and the disabled unable to take medicine on time.


Population aging is a global trend. The frequency of medicine use among the elderly is high. In order to meet the medical needs of aging population, we not only need to work hard on medicine development, but also need to research on medicine packaging. Studies have shown that many people, especially the elderly, have difficulty opening the packaging of medicines. Therefore, medicine packaging needs to become easy to use so that it can be convenient for the elderly. As the aging population continues, the demand for easy-use medicine packaging will become greater.


At present, most pharmaceutical enterprises use energy saving medicine packaging machine to package medicines. Efficient medicine packaging machine can work automatically, which can ensure the quality of packaging and prevent the deterioration of medicines in the package. In addition, the work efficiency of multifunctional medicine packaging machine is very high. A high quality medicine packaging machine can complete more work than manual work in the same time, which is conducive to reduce labor costs. It is because of the advantages of automatic capsule filling machine, it has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.


79-3-capsule filling machine 

Development Prospect of Easy-open Packaging


At present, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises are interested in easy-open packaging. Easy-open packaging has been widely used in powder, liquid and solid medicine. In medicine, easy-open packaging can help patients adhere to treatment, especially elderly patients.


Easy-open packaging is produced by the thermoplastic process. Only need to use the special medicine packing machine, can use the easy-open packaging to pack the medicine. For different medicines, the all-round medicine packaging machine used may be different. For example, liquid medicine packaging machine is only applicable to liquid medicines, while capsule packaging machine is only applicable to capsules. At present, thermoforming polymer materials have been widely used in medicine packaging, which has good plasticity. Easy-open packaging is also made of this material. Using those materials to provide a range of advantages including ease in manufacturing and supply chain. Pharmaceutical enterprises only need to put materials into the small automatic capsule filling machine, the machine can complete a series of processes such as distribution, packaging and so on.


In addition to easy-open packaging, people are also developing more new medicine packaging. New medicine packaging can change people's medication habits, help people to use medicines correctly, thus protecting human health. 



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