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Benefits of Probiotic Bacteria

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Probiotics are a class of active microorganisms that are beneficial to host and can change the composition of bacteria in a certain part of host by colonizing in human body. By regulating the immune function of host mucosa and system, or by regulating the balance of intestinal flora, it can promote nutrient absorption and maintain intestinal health, thus producing single microorganism beneficial to health or mixed microorganism with definite composition. Probiotic products can be packaged by automatic vacuum packing machine, portable vacuum packaging machine, vacuum fresh maintaining packing machine, etc.


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1. Characteristics of Probiotics

(1) It has intolerance of gastric acid and bile salts.


(2) It adheres to the host intestinal epithelial cells.


(3) It can remove or reduce the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria.


(4) It can inhibit pathogenic bacteria.


(5) It is safe and no pathogenicity.



2. Benefits of Probiotics

(1) Promotion of Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients


Probiotics can synthesize digestive enzymes. Together with the digestive enzymes synthesized by animals, probiotics participate in the digestion of nutrients in the intestinal tract, stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, reduce the depth of intestinal crypt, increase the height of villi, increase the surface area of small intestine, and promote the absorption of intestinal nutrients.


(2) Improve Immunity


The structure of probiotics, such as peptidoglycan and lipoteichoic acid, can be used as antigens to directly play the role of immune activation, or stimulate the host immune system by autocrine immune activator, so as to improve the immunity of animals, enhance the activity of innate immune cells and natural killer cells, activate dendritic cells, stimulate the body to produce cytokines, and stimulate B Cells secrete antibodies. Probiotics can stimulate the intestinal tract to produce secretory globulin A (SIgA) and protect the health of the body.


(3) Maintain the Structure Balance of Intestinal Flora


The intestinal tract is not only a normal part of the body, which participates in important physiological activities. At the same time, there are complex intestinal flora in the intestine, which play an important role in the growth, development and health of the host.


(4) Improve Muscle Quality


Probiotics can improve muscle brightness by inhibiting lipid peroxidation and delaying the formation of methemoglobin. Probiotics can also affect fatty acid metabolism and improve muscle tendemess.


(5) Improve the Antioxidant Level of the Body


Oxides in the body, such as oxygen free radicals and hydroxyl radicals, contain unpaired electrons, which are prone to redox reactions. When excessive oxides are found in the body, they will lead to oxidative damage. There are antioxidant systems in the body, which constantly remove the body synthetic oxides and maintain the dynamic balance of the oxides.


(6) Inhibition of Intestinal Inflammation


Probiotics can alleviate the body's inflammatory response.


(7) Protection of Intestinal Mucosal Barrier


Probiotics can reduce the permeability of intestinal mucosa and protect the integrity of intestinal mucosal barrier.


(8) Water Quality Regulation


Probiotics are involved in various cycling processes in water. The organic matter in the water is consumed and the concentration of nitrite nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen in the water body is reduced through its own metabolism, so as to improve and maintain the good water quality in the body.


Of course, the human body should not rely too much on probiotics. Only scientific and rational use of probiotics can be beneficial to the balance of human microecology and the enhancement of human health and immune function. The packaging of probiotic products can be made by vacuum sealer home automatic packing machine, mini vacuum packing machine and vacuum pack sealing machine, etc.


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