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Blister Packing Machine Solution of Urban

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Packaging is an important part of drug delivery system, and also a key element of marketing. With the expansion of the market, the growth of consumer demand and the development of regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical companies increasingly rely on their packaging to protect and promote their products. Blister packaging is widely used in pharmaceutical field because of its advantages of good visualization and good sealing.


Urban as a professional pharmaceutical device manufacturers, take the lead in the new revolution of blister machine in the industry, and launch a number of blister machine equipment applied in different scenes.


In the following article, we will discuss from what is the blister machine, the advantages of the blister packaging machine, and the service advantages of Urban.


blister packing machine


What is Blister Packing Machine?


Blister sealing machine is a kind of machine that can make transparent plastic film or sheet into bubble cover, and seal the product between the blister and the bottom plate by hot pressing and bonding.



The types of blister packaging


Blister packaging offers a wide range of solutions: among these are PVC, PCTFE, PVDC and thermoform blisters for less sensitive products or Alu-Alu cold form blisters for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that are more sensitive used by alu alu blister packing machine.


Currently, there are 2 basic types of blister packaging being used for pharmaceutical field.


Type one

– The cavity is constructed of clear, thermoformed plastic, and the lid is formed of clear plastic or a combination of plastic, paper, and/or foil.


Type two

– The second type contains foil as essential component of both webs and its cavity is created by cold stretching.



The Advantages of the Blister Machine


The pharmaceutical industry has higher requirements for the storage conditions of drugs. Blister packaging can provide a suitable storage and transportation environment for drugs.


1 . Guarantees product integrity : At this point , you can tell that this blister packing is used for very sensitive applications . They include food and drug industries . Blister packs provide an air-tight seal to the products. They won't be exposed to moisture nor air . In doing so , the end product will retain its quality


2 . Tamper proof : Lister packages cannot be interfered with by any external physical forces . This also goes along way in preserving the integrity of the pills and capsules


3 . Cost-effective : Blister packaging can save you a significant amount of money , especially when you want to cut down on the cost of packing capsules and pills . It is cheaper than plastic packaging


4 .  Against biological contamination and degradation.

5 .  Easier to produce in high volumes and speeds

6 .  Offers clean area for instructions & mandatory information

7 .  Light weight, so significantly reduces transportation costs


The Service Advantages of Urban


Blister packaging machine by Urban, accomplished far quieter operations, flexibility for the quick setup, inherent safety, intuitive operator interface and compliance with the FDA regulatory guidelines. At the same time, we adopt new automation technology to simplify labor cost and provide equipment guarantee for customers' efficient production.


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