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Capsule Raw Materials - ‘Garbage’ Recycling

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Capsule shell is a kind of egg shaped hollow shell which is made of edible grade medical gelatin after refined treatment and auxiliary materials. It is used to hold solid powder and particles. The capsule shell has good bioavailability and can be dissolved quickly, reliably and safely. Capsule shell is mainly applied in pharmaceutical industries. Hollow medical capsules made by empty capsules filling machine are mainly utilized to hold powder capsule filler or oil capsule filler, such as self-made powder, health care products and pharmaceuticals.


40-3-pharmaceutical capsule filling machine 

1. Brief Introduction of Capsule Shell

(1) Production Procedure

The process of making capsule shell is that a layer of gelatin film is formed on the stainless steel mold, then the gelatin film is dried and hardened to form capsules. And then take it off the mold. Generally, there are two sizes of mold. One is to make capsule body, the other with larger diameter is to make capsule cap.


 (2) Capsule Shell Model

00#、 0#、1#、2#、3#、4#


(3) Color of Capsule Shell

Red yellow, blue white, dark green, golden yellow, red and white, transparent, etc.


(4) Packaging Specification of Capsule Shell

Cardboard box (80000, 110000 grains in variety)



2. Main Raw Materials for Making Capsule Shell

According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the raw material gelatin used in the production of pharmaceutical capsules should at least meet the standard of edible gelatin. For the production of hollow capsules with medicine capsule making machine or pharmaceutical capsule filling machine, the drug production license must be obtained, and the products can be sold only after passing the inspection. Pharmaceutical production enterprises must purchase hollow capsules from enterprises with drug production license, and can only be put into storage and utilization after passing the inspection. According to the industry standard of edible gelatin, animal skin and bone should be applied as raw materials for edible gelatin. It is forbidden to apply any industrial waste after tanning in tannery.


There are many types of edible gelatin, which are extracted from fresh animal skin, such as pig skin, cow skin, sheep skin, etc. However, the industrial gelatin made from leather waste is strictly forbidden to be used as food by the state. Edible gelatin is widely applied in many foods, such as pudding, sweets, preserves, sugar coating, food cans and dipping materials. Edible gelatin itself is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, which is the main natural protein component in connective tissue. Edible gelatin is obtained from the skin and bones of animals through a controlled extraction process.



3. Precautions for Storage of Capsule Shell

(1) Because the hollow capsules made by capsules making machine have the characteristics of little water content, easy to crack and too much easy to soften and deform, the water content of hollow capsules should be controlled between 12.5% and 17.5%.


(2) The container with capsule should be placed on the shelf, away from windows and pipes to be in a shady and ventilated place, avoiding sunlight and close to heat sources.


(3) Do not place and press heavily at will.


(4) Before utilization, the packaging container should be sealed. If it has been opened, please take corresponding sterilization measures, otherwise it is easy to cause bacterial contamination.


(5) The storage temperature should be kept at 15-25 and the relative humidity should be kept at 35-65%.


(6) Do not store in high temperature and high humidity conditions, otherwise it will be sticky and deformed due to heat softening. Also it can not be placed in the environment with too low temperature or too much desiccation, otherwise the empty automatic capsule will be brittle and fragile.


(7) According to the above storage conditions, the capsules can be well stored for more than 9 months.


(7) Precautions for commercial trade and transportation of capsule shell

Pay attention to pressure protection, sun protection, moisture resistance and heat protection during transportation.


The capsule shell solves the problems of bad taste for the users, and really solves the problem that the good medicine is no longer bitter. Capsule machines include liquid capsule machine, capsule bottling machine, small automatic capsule filling machine, etc.



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