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Capsule Shell Guide

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Capsules are solid preparations filled with raw materials or suitable subsidiary materials, which are divided into hard capsules, soft capsules (gelatin pearls), sustained-release capsules and enteric coated capsules, which are mainly for oral medication.


 43-2-automatic capsule machine

1. Capsule Classification

Hard capsule refers to the capsule filled with powder, particle, tablet, pellet, semi-solid or liquid made of drug substance and/or appropriate supplementary materials in hollow capsule by proper capsule machine (including automatic capsule machine, automatic capsule filling machine, etc.) and preparation process. For example, cold capsules and norfloxacin capsules are hard capsules.


Soft capsule refers to the single capsule containing liquid drug substance or dissolving or dispersing solid drug substance in suitable supplementary materials, suspension emulsion or semi-solid. Soft capsules can be prepared by dripping method or pressing method. They are usually made of gelatin, glycerin or other suitable pharmaceutical supplementary materials alone or in combination. For example, fish liver oil pills, vitamin E capsules, Huoxiang Zhengqi capsules are soft capsules.


Sustained-release capsule is a kind of capsule which can release drug slowly and stably in the required release medium. The sustained-release capsules should meet the relevant requirements of sustained-release preparations, and the release test should be carried out.


Controlled-release capsule is a kind of capsule that slowly releases drug at a constant rate in the required release medium. The controlled-release capsules should meet the relevant requirements and the release test should be carried out.


Enteric coated capsules refer to hard capsules filled with enteric coated particles or granules or enteric coated hard capsules or soft capsules. Enteric coated capsules are not soluble in gastric juice, but can decompose and release active ingredients in intestinal juice. Unless otherwise specified, enteric coated capsules shall meet the relevant requirements of sustained-release preparations, and the release test shall be conducted.



2. Purpose of Medicine Capsule

(1) In order to cover up the bad smell or bitterness of some pill capsule filler.


(2) Enteric coated capsules ensure the full play of drug efficacy

Some drug components of pill filler powder of enteric coated capsules will be destroyed by gastric acid, which needs to be absorbed in the intestinal tract and play a therapeutic role. The outer shell of enteric coated capsules can only disintegrate in the intestine, so it must be swallowed completely to make the capsule effective.


(3) Make medicine neat and beautiful

In order to make the medicine neat and beautiful, and do not make the patient have a sense of disgust as well.



3. Capsules Should Not Be Taken Separately

When capsule filler powder is taken, especially for children, some people like to take the drug in capsule form by removing the shell. One reason is that they think it is easy for children to swallow when they areshelled. The second reason is that parents think that this will make the drug more effective. In fact, this practice is very mistaken.  


If the capsule medicine is taken by shelling, the efficacy will be reduced, the digestive tract will be damaged, and even the drug particles may be choked into the trachea, causing danger to children patients. Some capsules are slow-release capsules, which must be completely swallowed in order to make the drug work best. If the capsule skin is peeled off and the drug is poured out for taking, the sustained-release characteristics of the capsule will be destroyed and the purpose of sustained-release can not be achieved. In addition, the drug in the capsule has a prescribed dose, so it is easy to lose the powder after peeling, resulting in inaccurate dosage, which is not conducive to treatment. Capsule machines include gelatin capsule machine, empty capsules filling machine, medicine capsule making machine, etc.


It can be seen that the capsules should not be taken by peeling. If it is really difficult for patients to take capsule drugs, the general capsules can be peeled and taken, but enteric coated capsules and sustained-release capsule drugs made by capsule bottling machine or small capsule filling machine are absolutely not allowed to be peeled and taken. For health, the powder should be taken with the capsule.



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