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Challenges And Opportunities Of Packaging In The Snack Food Industry

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In recent years, with the increase in consumption levels, the snack market has expanded. Although the market has huge business opportunities, the competition is fierce. In order to enhance their market competitiveness, many snack food companies are committed to product updates, and product packaging upgrades are one of them, which also brings development opportunities for related packaging equipment.


52-1 food package


The development of the snack market promotes the update of snack packaging


According to relevant data, the snack market has a scale of 87 billion U.S. dollars and is still growing. It accounts for 51% of the entire food market and is still growing. Many brands are aware of the development trend of food in small packages, and dairy products and milk beverages have tended to be packaged in smaller and more convenient packaging. Packaging plays an important role in increasing the brand's market share. Using different packaging machines can differentiate product levels and optimize the value chain. In other words, packaging can increase sales while reducing costs.


At the same time, new development trends continue to emerge in the snack food industry. Food packaging is closely related to food, which can not only protect food and ensure food quality, but also play a role in promoting food. At present, many food companies are upgrading their packaging and are committed to bringing consumers a better consumption experience. And this series of upgrades will also bring new development directions for food packaging equipment.



The trend of snack packaging


At present, the more obvious change in the snack food industry is that the packaging is becoming smaller and smaller. Nowadays, as consumers' demand for small-packaged foods continues to increase, small-packaged products not only meet the needs of consumers, but can also reduce the cost of packaging materials for companies and optimize the product value chain. Industry insiders said that in the future, small packaging will become a major trend in the snack food industry.


The prevalence of small packaging will inevitably promote the refined development of packaging equipment. At present, there are many types of domestic food packaging equipment, including automatic, semi-automatic, small packaging, large packaging and large bag packaging. In the future, the market for small packaging equipment with more refined processing principles will further expand. In this regard, manufacturers of related equipment must also increase R&D and production of more sophisticated small packaging equipment to seize market opportunities.



Challenges and opportunities of snack packaging


The continuous innovation of packaging materials has also brought new challenges to packaging equipment. In the future, packaging materials will develop in the direction of being degradable and recyclable. Packaging equipment manufacturers must have an understanding of new packaging materials when developing equipment, so that the equipment can be suitable for packaging of new materials.


Now food packaging is also moving towards intelligence and digitization. Nowadays, many food companies on the market require traceability of packaging, or use anti-counterfeiting technology to add anti-counterfeiting function to packaging. This requires food packaging equipment to accelerate the advancement of automation, intelligence, and optical-mechanical-electrical integration, and use high-tech such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and image sensing to perform intelligent upgrades to improve equipment production efficiency and production reliability.


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