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Changes Brought About By Masks -- a new dimension of thinking

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It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 is a "mask year". The society has paid more attention to masks to an unprecedented level. The public’s discussion on masks ranges from the mask itself to the equipment used to make the mask, such as the types of mask machinery (including n95 mask making machine, fully automatic mask making machine, etc.)and the raw materials used to make the mask (non woven geotextile fabric). However, most people's attention to masks is still based on the actual function of masks, there are still few articles from the perspective of the changes brought by masks to people. But this is very important for people to accept masks fundamentally, so this article discusses the impact of masks on our lives.


What has the past half-year taught us about masks, and what have the masks taught us about ourselves?


First, we see the changing nature of scientific consensus, especially when confronted with an uncharted illness. For a long time, public health agencies — from the WHO to the DOH — have insisted that mask-wearing is not recommended for public use. But today, the only debate is which kinds of masks are suitable for particular occasions (e.g. going to the hospital vs. going to a mall), and which instances merit an exemption.


Secondly, thanks to face masks, introverts, the otherwise socially anxious and germophobes everywhere can rejoice since it is longer standard to pack together and speak closely. Masks can therefore be regarded as a silver-lining convention resulting from COVID-19. They offer a tangible safe space and buffer to renegotiate social boundaries to one’s comfort level. These additional respites, stack the pros mightily against the cons in favor of keeping a mask on for the entirety of being out in public. As texting and emails have become preferred to calling, modern society’s growing discomfort with non-verbal communication primes the longevity of masks as a post-pandemic cultural staple.


Third, the materiality of masks in social media is also illustrative: As people’s masked selfies show, they have been incorporated into our aesthetics; as the “policing” of unmasked photos reveal, they have also similarly been etched in our ethics.


Finally, we see how masks are evolving as part of our material and bodily culture, with entrepreneurs beginning to sell masks of various shapes, sizes, and designs (there are now dedicated mask stalls in markets and malls alike), and people using them as an expression of identity (note the protest masks during the Sona rallies). Alas, I also see discarded masks along the roads whenever I go cycling—and environmental groups are also rightfully concerned about their ecological impact.


Back then, I predicted — correctly, as it turned out — that face masks will become more common as the threat of the pandemic grows. Perhaps mask use will become even more normalized, given that, in any case, we need protection not just from the virus, but also from worsening pollution and other pathogens.

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