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Chinese Speed under the Epidemic Situation

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The epidemic has made the whole world aware of Chinese masks and Chinese manufacture. Although there may be deficiencies in innovation, China is proud of its capacity and export data. Mask machines include mask making machine surgical, auto face mask making machine, special shape mask making machine, etc.


85-2-fabric mask making machine

1. Toughness of Chinese Manufacture


In the face of the epidemic, Chinese manufacture has really demonstrated extraordinary resilience. Many small and medium-sized enterprises survive in the adversity and advance bravely. Later when the domestic epidemic has eased in China, many factories have returned to work in an orderly manner. During the epidemic, some factories were reorganized and urgently transformed in the face of market demand. They quickly called the workers back to work and production, and produced epidemic prevention supplies (such as masks made by dental mask making machine) for external demand. A continuous flow of production capacity is obtained by the workers without rest.


Foreign epidemic situation was urgent and epidemic prevention materials were transported to the airport, ready to take off for export. Suddenly it is faced with the new customs policy requirements to change labels, so some international logistics companies respond quickly and give solutions. Automatic packing machine, plastic sealing machine and vacuum packing machine were immediately purchased by the factory. Dozens of workers sacrifice their sleep time one day and night to change the labels urgently, so as to ensure that emergency supplies can be sent to Russia in time. Finally the Russian side gave a thumbs up in surprise. And the happy smile of the workers here did not stay for a moment, then they quickly prepared the next scene, racing against time for life.


The core technology of Chinese manufacture is the huge industrial scale and the great Chinese workers. It is these countless ordinary and shining workers who constantly refresh the height with the high efficiency of hard work, unity and cooperation, which makes it difficult for Chinese manufacture to be copied. Chinese manufacture has strong setback resistance, rapid repair capacity and adaptability. What the nation needs is what Chinese manufacture should do. This is the expression of cohesion and centripetal force in China, as well as where the toughness and self-confidence of Chinese manufacture is.



2. The Speed of Chinese Manufacture 


In addition to the strong willpower and toughness, speed is also the core competitiveness of Chinese manufacture. The speed of manufacturing in China is not only reflected in the production speed, but also reflected in the response speed of local supply chain, which constitute the core competitiveness of Chinese Manufacture.


At least four companies in China have completed the development of detection kits before the official announcement of the new coronavirus limited human transmission, the daily production capacity of domestic nucleic acid detection kits increased from 50000 to 2-3 million from late January to March.


The new coronavirus data assembly was first completed on 3 January. And the gene sequence was released to the world in Shenzhen National Gene Bank.


At the beginning of February, when the virus was rampant, the country pressed the‘pause’button, and masks and mask making machinary were in short supply. SAIC-GM Wuling urgently mobilized more than 120 experts and elite technicians to form a core team to work 24 hours a day, reducing the 10 day production cycle of surgical mask making machine to 76 hours.


Hundreds of designers were called together in one hour, the design scheme was proposed in 24 hours, and 5G signal coverage was completed in 36 hours. Land leveling started on January 24 and was delivered on February 2. The miracle was created on 33900 square meters of land, depending on unity, sweat and strength.


The five minute positive test agent in the United States and the mask that can kill the virus in the United Kingdom are constantly being compared with those Chinese manufacture. At present, it does not seem to have much significance. We can not wait for innovation at the moment of crisis. Adaptability and production capacity are the most important. In fact, there is no contradiction between being immersed in innovation and striving for production capacity, and there is no need to distinguish between high and low.


Although to the qualitative change from 0 to 1 and the quantitative change from 1 to 100, China is still good at the latter, even from 1 to countless. Recently, some U.S. and Japanese enterprises have withdrawn from China, which has triggered heated discussions. Perhaps it is aware of their own capacity for quantitative change, the withdrawal caused a panic. The pain is certain, but it is inevitable to force China to make progress.


However, China is not like a frog at the bottom of a well. There is no denying that intelligent and quality products need to be upgraded. It is better to raise one's feet and move forward higher than to stand on the current step. China is a country with all kinds of industrial sectors, and also a country of all kinds of industrial manufacturing. We believe that those inferior enterprises will eventually be eliminated in the competition, and the overall manufacturing level in China will continue to improve in the future.

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