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Daily maintenance of mask machine

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With the global spread of the COVID-19, the public demand for masks is increasingly strong. For the mask supplier, the manufacture of a qualified mask machine is the guarantee of the mask supplier, and the daily maintenance of mask machine is also very important. Otherwise, the mask machine with good quality can not guarantee the normal production of the mask.


As a kind of special production equipment, there are some special regulations for the use of place and daily maintenance of the mask machine. Otherwise, it is easy to cause an unqualified production mask and shorten the service life of the mask machine.

Now let us have a talk about the daily maintenance of the mask machine.


The daily maintenance step of mask machine


1. Keep ventilation, dryness and cleanliness of the production workshop: it is helpful to keep the mask-making machine conductive, which can keep a long-term efficient operation and optimization of working environment conditions.

2. Be away from water vapor, corrosive gases and dust: the electrical control box and the vens of mask making machines should be in a cleaner environment and use compressed air to clean the attached dust regularly.

3. Regularly test of face mask making machine: to make sure the security of the machines, we should regularly test the insulation performance, check the aging electrical components regularly and check the grounding wire. Of course, this project should be carried out by a skilled and professional electrician.

4. Check the power supply regularly: this step is to avoid long-term work under unstable power suppliers that are too high or to low.

5. Regularly add lubricants: For the normal operation of the transmission mechanism, the lubricants such as butter and engine oil should be regularly added as required, and gear oil of the reducer should be replaced periodically to make sure that the moving parts are under good lubrication conditions.

6. ultrasonic welding head, bottom mold and work items should be kept clean: ultrasonic mask machine should be checked if the cable connector is loose. The machine should be wiped, but not with liquid.

7. Open the top of the control box every month: every month we should open the box to clean the dust inside with a clean air gun without water, so as to keep the parts cool and ventilated. If the machine for making face mask will be no use for a long time,please wipe the appearance of the machine and put it in a dry and ventilated place.

The above are some tips on the maintenance of the mask machine, we must regularly do the above maintenance measures for the mask machine. Of course, the premise of maintenance is to have a high-quality mask machine. Choosing a reputable mask machine supplier is the first step.

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