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Did Food Packaging Appear 10,000 Years Ago?

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Food packaging design is the creation or selection of the shape, size, structure and packaging materials of food packaging. The function of food packaging is to protect food, convey food information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and increase the added value of food. So, do you know the history of food packaging? What role can food packaging machines and equipment play in packaging and marketing?



The history of food packaging


Food packaging has a long history. As early as the primitive period about 10,000 years ago, humans have learned to use various natural materials that exist in nature to package and store food, such as leaves, gourds, and shells. Its purpose is mainly to protect, store and transfer food. This is also the earliest and most primitive manual packaging machine in history.


With the alternation of civilization, in the Xia Dynasty in 5000 BC of China, cast iron and steelmaking technology, paint making and painting technology began to appear gradually, various containers became popular, and there were certain requirements and specifications for appearance design. The European Industrial Revolution in the 19th century further promoted the development of the packaging industry. On the basis of manual packaging, machine packaging was born, laying the foundation for the emergence and establishment of modern packaging machinery industry and packaging machinery technology.


48-1 food package equipment 

How food packaging establishes a connection between consumers and brands


Food packaging is the main medium for food to convey information to consumers, and it is also a bridge for brands to communicate ideas to consumers. Only by making the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and resonating can build the stickiness between consumers and the brand. The establishment of this stickiness can be established and maintained through three dimensions of food packaging: the rational dimension-the consumer's brain, the emotional dimension-the consumer's sentiment and demand dimension-the consumer's heart. When we recognize the world, our body does not only rely on our brains, but there are three "brains" that help us feel and recognize the world together, each of which has a different "cognition" method.


HEAD-Sense: Almost all food packaging needs to meet this basic function. For example, the right size, the right price, rich nutrition, convenience, freshness, keeping integrity, and so on.

HEART-Emotion: Satisfy consumers' emotional appeals that packaging can provide. Such as pure, sustainable, interesting, ethical, fashionable, unique and so on.

GUT-demand: To meet the deep-rooted needs, needs or desires of consumers, such as sex, power, independence, acceptance, and order, to establish a strong connection with consumers.



The importance of food packaging


Food packaging design is an important part of the brand's visual image design. It brings consumers both visual and psychological first feelings. Its quality directly affects consumers' desire to buy and food sales.

Successful food packaging is the double unity of aesthetics and good market effect. It can perform "visual magic". The beautiful and textured outer packaging can highlight the theme of the food. The excellent food packaging design can quickly capture the attention of consumers, feel the allure of food and stimulate the desire to buy, especially for female consumers.


With a good packaging design, how should we choose the right packaging machine? What is the difference between milk pouch packing machine, biscuit packing machine, candy wrapping machine, and chocolate packing machine? Follow our next article to tell you the answer.



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