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Do Pills and Capsules Work the Same?

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When it comes to oral drugs, tablets and capsules are popular. They are delivered through the digestive tract drugs or supplements to achieve specific purposes. There are also similarities in the way tablets and capsules work. However, in different cases, drugs can be taken in different forms. Capsules can be made by different capsule making machines, including auto capsule filling machine, pill capsule maker, etc.



36-2-pill capsule maker

1. Tablets and Capsules


Tablets are the most common drug. They are a kind of cheap, safe and effective oral drug. These units of medicine are compressed by one or more powder components to form a hard, solid, smooth pill that decomposes in the digestive tract.


The capsule includes pill capsule filler wrapped in an outer shell. This shell is broken down in the digestive tract and the capsule filler powder is absorbed into the blood and then is distributed and metabolized, just like the medicine in tablets.


Capsules are generally better than tablets. The characteristics of the tablets are accurate dosage, small drug difference in tablets, stable quality and easy to take. The output is large, low cost, and the hygienic standard is easy to reach. In addition to the characteristics of tablets, capsules also have better absorption effect than tablets, which can release drugs at regular time and fixed position.



2. Specific Differences between Tablets and Capsules


(1) Why Medicine Is Made into Tablets

① The measurement is accurate and the difference of drug content in tablets is small.


It has stable quality, easy to carry, transport and take.


It is mechanized production, large output, low cost, and easy to meet the health standards.


(2) Why Medicine Is Made into Capsules

① Some drugs are bitter, and they will be free from the bitterness of drugs when they are taken after powder capsule making.


② Some drugs are made from a variety of powder or viscous liquid, but the demand for drugs is not very large, so it is more convenient to take them in capsules.


③ Reduce the waste of drugs in the mouth, so that the drugs are fully absorbed in the stomach.


(3) Specific Differences between the Two Types


① In Terms of Dosage Form

Both capsules and tablets are solid preparations. Capsule is the form of capsule in solid preparation, while the tablet belongs to the tablet form of solid preparation.


② From the Speed of Absorption

Solid preparations, such as capsules and tablets, are mainly administered orally. After administration, it needs to be dissolved and absorbed by gastrointestinal epithelial cell membrane to enter the blood circulation to play its therapeutic role. The order of absorption rate of oral preparation is capsule > tablet. In addition, the drugs in capsules are medicine filling of capsules in the form of powder or particles, which is different from tablets and has not been mechanically extruded. Therefore, capsules generally work faster than tablets.


③ From the Point of View of Advantages

One of the advantages of the capsule is the solid formulation of liquid medicine. That is, the soft capsule is made from the medicine with high oil content or the liquid medicine which is difficult to be made into tablets. It has the characteristics of convenient utilization and clear dosage.


④ In terms of Disintegration Time Limit

A. The hard capsules should be disintegrated within 30 minutes. The soft capsules and enteric coated capsules should be disintegrated within 1 hour.


B. The disintegration time of common tablets was 15 min, dispersible tablets and soluble tablets 3 min, sublingual tablets and effervescent tablets 5 min, film coated tablets 30 min, and extract tablets, sugar coated tablets and enteric coated tablets 1h. In addition, capsules are that after the powder capsule filler is prepared into powder, particle, tablet or pellet, etc, then it is filled in the capsule shell. Compared with the tablet, the production cost is relatively high.


Therefore, tablets or capsules can be selected according to their own conditions (They can be made by small capsule filling machine, hand operated capsule filling machine, etc.), and it is generally recommended to apply drug mode with well absorption.



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