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Do You Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pillow Bags?

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Pillow bag automatic packing machine is widely used in industries such as convenience food, daily chemical, condiment, medicine, pesticide and so on. It can pack liquid, solid and powdery substances. It is a popular packaging form for object packaging and one of the packaging forms that people can easily accept. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of pillow bags.


55-1 foodpackage 

The development of pillow bag automatic packing machine


The technology of pillow bag automatic cartoning machine is becoming mature, and it is developing in the direction of large-scale production. The higher the packaging speed, the greater the output, and the more important the subsequent packaging equipment is required. At present, manual packaging cannot meet the needs of packaging production, especially the toxic packaging items endanger the health of workers. The automatic packing machine for pillow bags is still blank in China, and a few packaging manufacturers have introduced few packing equipment. The main feature of the pillow bag automatic packing machine is a wide range of packaging, easy to achieve packaging, and convenient logistics and transportation.



Advantages of pillow bags


1. Economy. The film required to make pillow bags is less than other more complex bag types. The manufacturing cost of pillow bags is low. For this reason, this type of bag is very suitable for small companies and start-ups because of its cost-saving features. Pillow bags do not require additional options or components and are the best simple and flexible packaging.

2. It can run at high speed. Because of its simplicity, pillow bags can be packed very quickly. For contract packers who need speed and efficiency to meet strict deadlines, pillow bag packaging machines are the first choice. Pillow bags fit almost all types of standard flexible packaging equipment.

3. Due to its simplicity, pillow-shaped bags can be formed, filled and sealed on almost all VFFS packaging machine models. Even better, this application usually does not require additional components and custom components, so URBAN can debug a simple and economical packaging machine with a shorter delivery time.



Disadvantages of pillow bags


1. Pillow bag cannot stand upright. This type of bag can be placed flat on a shelf, or it can be equipped with a hole punch or slot option and hung on a hook for vertical display.

2. There is not much visual difference. Pillow bags are the most popular bag type, which can be seen in various industries and occupy a dominant position on the shelf. However, compared to vertical packaging, this type of packaging cannot be seen by consumers at first glance.

3. Limited marketing coverage. Other types of bags, such as flat-bottomed or quad-shaped closures, can provide up to five surfaces for graphics, trademarks and labels. When placed on a shelf, consumers can only see the front side of the pillow bag, while upright bags can see up to four sides.



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