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Do you know the quality standards of masks?

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In recent years, pm 2.5 mask making machines are becoming popular owing to the problem of haze. Because of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), we get to know the N95 mask made by N95 mask making machine and covid 19 mask making machines are becoming bestsellers around the world. But do we really understand the mask?


Currently, the masks we use include medical masks and particle protective masks. Medical masks mainly include: one-time use medical mask, medical surgical mask, and medical protective mask. Machines for making protective masks produce particle protective masks, which include: daily protective mask, PM2.5 protective mask, and protective masks (with plus P100 filter cotton). Let us learn about the standards of the medical masks and particle protective masks.

10-1-mask making machine



1. Medical masks( made by medical mask making machines)


EU Standard:

EN 14683 – 2014

US Standard:

ASTM F2100-2004

YY 0469 – 2004 (medical surgical mask)


Type Ia≥95

Type II≥98

Type II R≥98

ASTM F2101

(28.3LPM·3.0μm Glucose bacterial particles)

Low barrier≥95

Moderate barrier≥98

High barrier≥98


Pressure difference

Type Ia: 29.4

Type II: 29.4

Type II R: 49.0

(mmH2O/cm²) of MIL-M-36954C (8.0LPM)

Low barrier<4.0

Moderate barrier<5.0

High barrier<5.0


Type Ia: non

Type II: non

Type II R≥16KPa(120mmHg)

(Test method: ISO 22609)


ASTM F1862, ISO 22609

Low barrier: 80

Moderate barrier: 120

High barrier: 160



Microbial cleanliness (cfu/g)

Type Ia≤30

Type II≤30

Type II R≤30

(Test method: ISO 11737-1)

bacterial colony≤20

coli group: No detection

Pseudomonas aeruginosa: No detection

Staphylococcus aureus:No detection

hemolytic streptococcus:No detection

fungus colony: No detection


0.1μm emulsion particle

ASTM F2299

Low barrier: Not required

Moderate barrier≥98

High barrier≥98


Flame resistance  16CFR Pat 1610

Low barrier: Class 1

Moderate barrier: Class 2

High barrier: Class 3


Test at least 5 samples. 32 masks, no more than 3 through the blood.

dip water grade 3

Obstruction (pa)



What’s more, one-time use medical masks, made by full auto medical mask making machines, are recommended for the daily use of the public and medical institutions. Medical surgical masks, which are made by surgical nonwoven medical face mask making machines are recommended for use in public places and for sanitation workers, suspected case patients, etc. This kind of mask can protect the patient’s wound from contaminated inflammation during the operation, and provide medical staff to prevent the isolation of blood and body fluids. Medical protective masks are not recommended for excessive public protection, but are used in confirmed cases of transfer, fever clinic and isolation ward.


2. Particle protective masks( made by machines for making protective masks)

EU Standard EN 149:2001+ A1-2009

Penetration rating

NaCl particle 95L/min

Max value % – penetration

NaCl particle  95L/min

Max value % -productiveness

Oil particle  95L/min

Max value % – penetration

Oil particle  95L/min

Max value % -productiveness

















US Standard: NIOSH Standards (Title 42 CFR Part 84)

Test material: NaCl & DOP  Particle diameter: 0.3μm  

Test flow rate: 85L/min




filter efficiency


N95 / P95 / R95



35mm H2O

N99 / P99 / R99



35mm H2O

N100 / P100 / R100



35mm H2O


In addition, the protective effect of daily protective masks is better than medical surgical masks, one-time use medical masks, they are recommended to wear in suspected cases. They can be worn in personnel-intensive occasions or can be used as haze protection. PM2.5 protective masks, made by machines to make the pm 2.5 filter mask, are not recommended in public use. Their barrier ability of particulate matter is the same as that of medical protective mask, which can be used for haze protection, industrial dust prevention. The level of protection of protective mask(with plus P100 filter cotton)is higher than that of medical masks and they are used in emergency condition, endotracheal intubation, endoscopic operation in patients or suspected patients.


As a result of the novel coronavirus, full automatic mask making machines are widely needed to produce enough protective masks. If you have interest in the face mask making machines, welcome to contact us to obtain professional guide.



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