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How Can We Help Your Business During The Epidemic?

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The prevalence of coronavirus is affecting people all over the world in various ways. Many businesses are closing or operating with declining capacity, while household orders are expanding across the country. Some household goods manufacturers are providing daily necessities, such as food and drinks, to people all over the world. Therefore, expanding the production of household goods during this epidemic can make a big profit. If you want to expand the production of food, you need more high quality food packaging machines to complete the packaging of food.


Urban can produce a variety of packaging machines, such as efficient milk packing machine, energy saving medicine packaging machine, environmentally friendly chocolate packaging machine, automatic beverage packaging machine, etc. Urban is taking professional preventive measures to prevent our employees from being infected with coronavirus, so as to ensure the safety of our products. We allow some employees to work from home, which can reduce their risk of infection as much as possible. For some employees who need to come to the factory to work, we ask them to keep social distance and require them to wear protective clothing and masks. Before each product leaves the factory, we will carry out a comprehensive disinfection of the product, so as to ensure that the coronavirus will not remain on our products.



Service Issues


Although the epidemic is still spreading, if our multifunctional juice pouch packing machine fails, you can still call our service number. Depending on your location, we may not be able to dispatch maintenance personnel to the site for maintenance. Most of the problems are handled remotely. Although this is not ideal, we can assure you that we have the ability and technology to guide you in troubleshooting these problems.



Sales and Consultations


During the epidemic, we still sell our various products, such as low-consumption chips packing machine, all-round ice cream packaging machine, best snacks packing machine and low price candy packaging machine. Although we may not be able to contact our customers directly for the time being, we can still get in touch with our customers through video conference and other means. Therefore, if you are interested in our products, you can contact us directly through the Internet. We can discuss specific solutions in the video conference to determine what kind of products you need and determine the mode of transportation. 



Factory Acceptance Tests


Factory acceptance test is the final quality control measure we carry out before sending your equipment. In general, factory acceptance tests need to be carried out by the customer in person. However, we do not allow customers to visit our factory at present. Therefore, at present, we can only conduct video conference with customers and conduct factory acceptance test in the meeting.


Every year, our company will participate in various exhibitions to make our products focus. Although we can not meet our customers in person due to the epidemic situation, we can still provide high-quality products for our customers. We are looking for better online channels to sell our products. If you want to buy our products, please visit our official website for more information.



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