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How Do Masks Change Our Appearance?

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A small mask has become the most in fashion item in the world in 2020. Fashionistas even bring out the trend of‘mask chain’. The wearing of masks will not only affect people's appearance, but also have a profound impact on skin care and beauty industry. The mask making machines include child mask making machine, cotton mask making machine, surgical mask making machine, etc.



93-3-surgical mask making machine

1.  Mask Face and New Opportunities of Skin Care Industry


With the continuous promotion of re-opened around the world, wearing masks has become an essential part of commuting. After wearing the mask for a long time, there are more and more skin problems, such as dry itching, redness, rash, allergy, etc. Usually a smooth face gradually becomes a mask face. This is a situation that not any beauty lovers would like to see.


(1) The Causes of‘Mask Face’


Angeline Yong, a dermatologist in Singapore, explained that when wearing a mask, the mask (made by face mask making machine, ultrasonic face mask making machine, etc.) will rub the skin and cause slight tearing, and bacteria and dust are more likely to pass through the skin surface and block the pores. On the other hand, breathing with a mask creates a closed, humid and hot environment, leading to the accumulation of sweat, grease and bacteria. In addition, masks are naturally good at blocking particles, which is a huge disaster for the skin.


(2) An Effective Way to Avoid‘Mask Face’


An effective way to avoid‘mask face’is to apply moist skin cream with light texture. Try to utilize water-based skin care products. In addition, the utilization of a small amount of moisturizer can also play an additional protective barrier to prevent skin friction. If conditions permit, mild exfoliation products should also be applied, which will help to absorb the moisturizer.


(3) The Epidemic Has Brought New Opportunities to the Skin Care Industry


In contrast to the bleak situation in many industries, the epidemic has brought new opportunities to the skin care industry, among which masks are‘indispensable’.


In the face of the problems brought by‘mask face’, some skin care companies have played a keen sense of smell, and immediately launched skin care products specially for mask face, which are deeply loved by consumers. For example, some companies specially launch moisturizing facial mask and freckle patch for mask face. And the production of skin care products of the company has been steadily rising.



2. Eye Cosmetics Are More Popular and Beauty Bloggers Create Their OwnMask Makeup


During the outbreak, the requirement for make-up was greatly reduced because people worked at home. As a result, certain reports said that the sales of global beauty industry may fall by 20% to 30% in 2020. However, as life returns to normal and enterprises resume production, the demand for cosmetics is expected to rise again.


Because of wearing masks for a long time, people's demand for eye cosmetics (such as eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner) is much greater than that of blush and lipstick. It turns out that lipsticks that are durable and do not leave a mark are also popular because they do not worry about sticking to the masks when they are wearing the masks. The mask can be made of auto mask making machine, nonwoven face mask making machine, etc.


The trend is echoed by beauty bloggers on Youtube, who are increasingly making videos of makeup tutorial video of‘mask makeup’. For example, Melina Basnight in Texas, USA, launched a‘mask makeup’tutorial on her YouTube account.


In such a special period, masks have become‘necessities’in life at this stage. People are not only used to wearing it to resist the virus, but also used to many mask faces. Although the mask life is inconvenient and embarrassing, it is hoped that people can still bear the beautiful yearning for the future life under the mask, and smile to life calmly.


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