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How To Choose A Proper Capsule Filling Machines?

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Make sure that the color and type of capsule


Before purchasing a capsule filler, make sure that the color and type of the capsule are what you want to use for a long time. Certain colors or types of capsules may not be used with manual fillers in a pre-separated form. Certain capsules (such as organic vegan, chlorophyll or other special colors) do not have a pre-separated form. If you choose to use these capsules, then the semi-automatic capsule filling machine is your ideal choice. The semi-automatic filling machine uses the connected capsules and separates them for you.


Determine which sizes you use the most of 


Purchasing a separate filler for each size capsule may exceed your current budget, so please determine which size you use the most and decide which filler to buy based on the quantity and the above recommendations.


You may find that the manual capsule filling machine is great for using smaller quantities of less used capsules, but the 204-pound semi-automatic filler or the 800-count manual filler is suitable for your medium-to-heavy-used size.


speed of production a consideration


If you need hundreds of capsules of one or several different types a day, we recommend using semi-automatic capsule fillers. Depending on the user, the semi-automatic capsule filler can be processed in only 15 minutes per cycle. Please note that the filling between two uses must be completely dry after washing.


Through the discussion of the above articles, we have a preliminary understanding of the criteria for selecting capsule filling machines. Factors such as the speed of production and capsule type to be produced will enable you to know which type of capsule machine is the best for your production needs.



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