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How to Clean the Capsule Filling Machine?

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33-2-capsule packaging machine

An automatic capsule filling machine is a special machine for filling capsules, which directly contacts with medicine powder. The cleaning procedure will affect the quality of the drug, so the capsule bottling machine should be thoroughly cleaned after production.



Cleaning Method of Equipment


The cleaning method should be carried out after installation according to the standard of automatic capsule maker equipment. Wipe twice with cloth, 75% ethanol or 3% hydrogen peroxide. 75% alcohol and 3% hydrogen peroxide should be utilized alternately in the disinfection process, replacing once per week. If it is disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, rinse twice with water.


(1) Cleaning Frequency

① After the end of each batch of production.


② After the end of each shift of continuous production.


③ Cleaning and disinfection before and after production.


④ It must be cleaned when changing varieties, specifications and batch numbers.


⑤ The equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after maintenance.


(2) Cleaning Tools

Clean non-run cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, cleaning basin, etc.


(3) Detergents and Disinfectants

Drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol.


(4) Cleaning Methods

According to the order of first dismantling before washing, from inside to outside, from zero to whole.


Cleaning Procedures for Producing the Same Variety

①Clean the residual capsule filler powder in the powder filling device module with a vacuum cleaner first and then with a soft brush.


②Remove the powder punching rod, metering plate and powder hopper, and take them to the cleaning room. Rinse them with drinking water, then rinse them with purified water. Dry them with dry rags. Wipe and disinfect with a cloth dipped in 75% ethanol.


③ Clean the capsule filling equipment parts in direct contact with drugs with purified water. Dry it with a dry cloth, then wipe and disinfect it with a cloth dipped in 75% ethanol.


④ The glass protective cover and the surface of equipment shall be cleaned with purified water.


⑤ Clean up the site and hang the‘cleaned’status sign after passing the inspection.


⑥ Fill in the cleaning record.


Cleaning Procedures for Changing Varieties


In addition to the same cleaning steps for production of the same variety, the following work should also be done.


Remove the capsule barrel and the capsule funnel and take them to the cleaning room. Rinse them with purified water and wipe them dry with dry cloth, then wipe and disinfect them with a cloth dipped in 75% ethanol.


② Wipe the movable support of cam disc with dishcloth and scrub it with purified water. Dry it with dry cloth, then wipe and disinfect it with cloth dipped in 75% ethanol.


The final cleaning effect is to achieve a smooth appearance of the whole pharmaceutical capsule filling machine. If wipe all parts of the capsule packaging machine with a clean white cloth, there will be no stain or residue on the cloth.



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