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How to Deal with Discarded Masks?

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Masks, as a necessity for epidemic prevention during the COVID-19, are consumed in huge quantities every day. Many mask manufacturers purchase automatic mask making machines in large quantities to improve output. With the increasing production and consumption of masks, how to deal with discarded masks?


22-1-automatic mask making machines


1. Set Up a Special Container


Residential districts, public places, government agencies and enterprises should set up special garbage containers to collect discarded masks. The container should be marked with a text sign (special for discarded masks), and a plastic bag should be added inside to avoid direct contact between the waste mask and the container. Medical institutions and the surrounding areas can coordinate with the corresponding management departments to implement the collection of medical waste containers in accordance with the medical waste management regulations.



2. Throw Away the Masks Normatively


Actively use various media to promote the classified throwing away requirements of discarded masks, and guide citizens to standardize the abandon. Citizens should be encouraged to disinfect (spray 75% alcohol, 84 disinfectant water) and put them into special containers after they are simply damaged, preventing criminals from recycling and selling.



3. Clean Up and Disinfect the Container Timely


Strengthen the removal, transportation and disinfection of domestic garbage. Domestic garbage must be cleaned daily, and garbage containers must be disinfected daily, especially the special containers for discarded masks.



4. Strengthen Standardized Disposal


Discarded masks collected by medical institutions can be disposed by relevant departments in accordance with medical waste standards. Discarded masks in hospitals designated by the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters shall be disposed of in accordance with medical waste standards. Discarded masks collected in other areas should be disposed in harmless incineration.


5. Do a Good Self-protection Measures


Front-line sanitation workers engaged in collection, transshipment, and treatment and on-site workers of waste treatment plants shall take good self-protection measures.


1) Wear rainproof overalls with long sleeves (cuffs can be closed or tightened), rain caps (caps can be closed).

2) Wear long rubber shoes.

3) Wear disposable latex gloves or protective gloves against chemical and biological damage (reusable). The protective gloves should be prepared enough (not less than 2 sets).

4) Wear disposable surgical masks (which are produced by surgical mask making machines) or N95 masks (produced by n95 mask making machines). Disposable masks need to be replaced once every 4 hours at most, or when they are soaked with moisture and lose their protective effect.

5) Wear suitable protective glasses (medical protective glasses or chemical protective goggles).

6) Special changing places or locker rooms can be set up, so that the reusable work clothes, rubber shoes, protective gloves, protective glasses and other items can be cleaned and disinfected collectively.

7) When cleaning and disinfecting labor protective equipment, chlorine-containing disinfectant (such as 84 disinfectant), peracetic acid disinfectant, etc. can be used.

8) Wash hands frequently and thoroughly, and pay attention to personal hygiene.

9) After the disposable protective equipment is used, put it in the garbage truck and transport it to the garbage incineration plant for disposal.

10) After the operation is completed, wash and disinfect the garbage collection container.


During the epidemic, attention should be paid to the quality of mask production and the disposal of discarded masks. The production of masks should choose professional fully automatic mask making machines and ultrasonic mask making machines.


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