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How to Deal with the Malfunction of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

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Full automatic capsule filling machine is operated by touch screen, frequency conversion and speed regulation. The capsuline machine is sensitive and its filling dose is accurate.


The automatic capsule maker machine has the advantages of novel structure, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It can automatically complete the actions of capsule in place, separation and filling. It reduces labor and improves productivity. It is suitable for filling all kinds of capsules, whether domestic or imported. It is an economical and practical capsule filling device in pharmaceutical industry.


 31-3- capsule maker machine

1. Common Faults and Maintenance of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


(1) Deformation or Damage of Plexiglass Parts

Plexiglass parts (worktable plate, drug plate) should be kept away from direct sunlight and high temperature, and heavy objects should not be placed. The drug plate must be placed vertically or horizontally to avoid deformation and damage.


(2) the Vibration Is Not Ideal

If the vibration is not ideal, the voltage can be adjusted.


(3) Loose Reed Screw

Since the equipment is a vibrating machine, the tightening of screws in each part should be checked frequently. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to prevent failure.


(4)  Unqualified Capsule Shell

The Height of the mouth of the capsule is inconsistent with that of the guide rail, or the height of the shell is inconsistent. If the size of capsule shell does not meet the specification requirements, qualified capsule shell should be applied.



2. Some Abnormal Conditions during Operation


(1) The Capsule Cannot Be Separated

Because of the capsule itself, the automatic capsule should be replaced.


(2) The Vacuum Is too Low

There are many reasons why the vacuum is too small. If it is due to the vacuum pump, ask a mechanic to repair or replace the vacuum pump. If the air pipe connecting the vacuum pump and the capsule is broken, replace the air pipe. If the filter membrane of vacuum pump is blocked, clean the filter membrane. In addition, it may be that the water flow is too small, so the larger water flow pipe must be replaced.


(3) The Gap between the Module and the Capsule Separator Is too Large

The module height at the capsule separator or capsule can be adjusted, or there may be a problem with the telescopic rod in the module.


(4) Incorrect Module

When the module is installed, if the upper and lower dies are not aligned, the module should be re aligned. It can be automatically positioned until  the module is adjusted by the debugging lever.


(5) There Is too much Powder on the Module and the Module Needs to Be Cleaned

At the end of each day's work, the residual capsule filler powder and mold hole in the capsulator machines should be cleaned up to keep the whole machine clean and tidy. Avoid washing the host machine with water. If the mold on the capsule refill machine needs to be cleaned, loosen the screw and remove the mold, and then install it after cleaning.


(6) Capsule Cap Is Locked and the Thimble Is too High

Look at the thimble and see if the height of the thimble is needed to be adjusted. 


Take finished products out of warehouse and well packed. Remove the bearing at the waste capsule, clean the bearing in time and add appropriate amount of oil. The bearing should be dry after cleaning, otherwise it will be blocked again. Each time the site is cleaned, the bearing should be removed for cleaning and oiling. In addition, the electrical shell and body of capsule manufacturing machine must be grounded to ensure safety, and the power supply must be cut off after the work is completed.



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