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How to Do When the Weather Becomes Hot and It Is Uncomfortable to Wear a Mask?

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The summer of 2020 is very special. Affected by the epidemic situation, everyone should wear masks to go in and out of different places. However, as the temperature continues to rise, it should be paid attention to the fact that it is too stuffy to wear masks in summer, especially in buses and subways. It is more uncomfortable to cover the mouth and nose and the air is not circulating. So what is the solution to this problem?


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1. How Can I Do If I Wear a Mask and Feel Oppressive?

In hot weather, wearing a mask for a long time will make people feel stuffy and suffocating. Some people even feel that their breath is not smooth. Therefore, some people even take off their masks(made by mask face making machine, automatic mask making machine, etc.) regardless of the risk. 



Expert Advice

When people still have to go out, they should stick to wearing masks. Ordinary people can wear disposable medical surgical masks (made of surgical mask making machine) or disposable nursing masks (made of disposable mask making machine), and do not need to wear N95 masks with poor ventilation (made by N95 mask making machine). For the elderly, weak, sick, disabled and other special groups with cardiopulmonary function problems, wearing masks needs to be careful, and it is best to consult a professional doctor. Reduce time away from home if it is not necessary. If people feel uncomfortable when wearing a mask for a long time, they should immediately take off the mask in a relatively open and safe place and breathe fresh air to relieve the symptoms of hypoxia. When they are exercising in an open environment without people, they may not need to wear a mask for a short time.



2. Will the Protective Function of the Mask Be Reduced When It Is Wet with Sweat?

When it is hot, there is a lot of sweat without a mask. After wearing the mask, people will be sweating like rain. Masks often get wet after they are worn for a while. Wet mask not only reduces the protective function, but also becomes a‘pollution source’.


Expert Advice

Masks can block bacteria, dust and harmful substances in the external air, and also can absorb and gather bacteria and viruses exhaled from their own respiratory tract. High temperature, wet mask, hot environment is more conducive to the survival and reproduction of these bacteria and viruses, which will also aggravate their secondary pollution. If people need to wear masks all day, it is better to prepare 2-3 or more masks in the increasingly hot weather, and replace them at any time to reduce their secondary pollution. When eating, the mask should be put in a paper bag, not in a plastic bag, because the mask will be wet after wearing. If it is put in an airtight plastic bag, bacteria and viruses will speed up the reproduction. Mask machines include dust mask making machine, 3D mask making machine, etc.



3. The Day Is Hot and Wearing a Mask Is More Likely to Damage the Skin, so How to Do?

If the mask is worn for more than 4 hours, the dermis of nasal bridge, zygoma and ear skin is thin, and lack of fat layer buffer, which is easy to cause pressure-related injury. In addition, the day is hot and there will be more sweating, then local skin depression or congestion will appear, even skin ulceration, infection in some serious cases.


Expert Advice

Before wearing the mask for a long time, apply emollient on the bridge of nose, zygoma, ear root and other parts to keep the skin lubricated and reduce the damage caused by friction. The mask should be appropriately changed to reduce local pressure every one or two hours. Apply a cold towel to the face if conditions permit. In addition, sun protection should also be focused when people wear masks so as not to cause‘mask face’.



4. Other Precautions for Wearing Mask

In addition to these aspects, doing the following things can reduce the risk of skin allergy, inflammation, acne.


 When wearing a mask, distinguish the front and the back of it, and try to avoid touching the inner layer of the mask with hands. Do not push the mask to the chin when ventilation is necessary. It is recommended to take off the mask directly, fold the inside in half and put it into a clean bag so as to maintain the cleanliness of the mask better.


To daily diet, more fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Supplement vitamins and pay attention to supplement enough water. Drink less and eat less spicy stimulation, greasy high heat, high sugar food, because these may make the skin oil increased and more likely to cause acne.


③ Keep regular work and rest and avoid staying up late. These are also important factors in maintaining skin health.


Bad emotions, such as angry, can affect the body regulation. It will make people more prone to acne. Adjust emotions reasonably, maintain a good mood, reduce pressure timely in daily life.


⑤ People with acne should not squeeze or pinch it by hand, otherwise it may cause infection, or leave pockmarks or pits. In this case, it is recommended to go to the dermatology department of the hospital in time for symptomatic treatment.


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