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How to Make Mask Without Sewing Machine?

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The common disposable masks on the market are made of non-woven fabrics, which need non-woven fabrics, melt blown fabrics, iron wire and cotton thread. In addition to the above raw materials, we also need to use some production equipment, such as mask making machine, mask ear belt spot welding machine and mask packaging machine.



Production Process of Mask


Place the non-woven fabrics on the material rack of the face mask making machine, and debug the N95 mask making machine. After debugging, the surgical mask making machine will automatically start to produce masks. At this time, the ear loop face mask making machine only produces semi-finished masks. After that, the semi-finished masks will be placed on the ear belt spot welding machine, and the machine will connect the cotton thread with the mask, thus completing the production of the mask. Finally, the finished masks need to be placed on the mask packaging machine, which will pack the masks according to the number. Because this is a semi-automatic production process, it needs manual operation. In general, it takes three to six people to complete production. 


If the automatic mask making machine is used to produce masks, only 2 to 3 people are required to operate the machine to complete the production of masks. The operator only needs to place the non-woven fabric on the material rack and start the cup mask making machine, the machine can automatically run and produce masks. 


The automatic fish mask making machine produced by Urban company is composed of automatic raw material conveying system, folding forming system, ear belt welding system and blanking system. The automatic medical mask making machine is suitable for multiple layer PP non-woven fabrics, activated carbon and filter materials. Through ultrasonic welding technology and automatic edge sealing technology, the whole production process from raw materials to forming of masks is completed, and the production of masks from materials to finished products is fully automated. The number of masks produced per hour is 6000 to 8000. The mask produced by automatic mouth mask making machine has the characteristics of comfortable wearing, no pressure feeling and good filtering effect. It can be used in medical, electronic, mining, construction and other industries.


Disposable mask


Features of Automatic Mask Making Machine


The automatic mask making machine has the characteristics of high automation, high production efficiency and low production cost.


The shell of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, which makes the structure of the machine strong, beautiful appearance and not easy to rust.


The machine can be controlled by PLC, and the machine is driven by servo, with high precision and good stability.


In production, the mask making machine can automatically control the tension of raw materials to ensure that the raw materials are evenly stressed and not damaged. 


The machine has a multi-point optical fiber detection and feeding system, which can automatically alarm in case of abnormal conditions, so as to avoid more serious failure of the machine and reduce the waste of materials. 


The folding forming system of the machine can effectively reduce the deformation of products. The machine can also be used with the mask automatic packaging line to realize the whole process automatic operation from materials to finished products to packaging. 

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