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How to solve product packaging problems

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For the brand, packaging is not only the container carrying the product, but also the brand's image. Therefore, whether it is the brand or packaging suppliers should pay special attention to packaging problems. To make the most of your product packaging, it is important to be aware of common issues that arise and steps you can take to resolve them. Simply by looking out for these potential problems, you can work toward preventing them from occurring and ensuring that your packaging process goes smoothly and makes a positive impression your potential clients.


Hard to Open


One of the most common problems in product packaging is designing a product that is hard to open, which will frustrate customers. For example, if biscuits is packed in a difficult package, its sales will decline accordingly. As the first step in consumer contact with the product is blocked, it’s better to choose an automatic biscuit packing machine, and use suitable packaging materials. Electronics, in particular, have a bad reputation for this type of issue, and it can be easily avoided with some testing. Remember that if a client sees two nearly identical items in the store, one that appears simple to open and one that seems challenging, they will go with the easy one. If they do purchase your product only to find it is harder to get to than anticipated, they unlikely to buy it again or recommend it. Avoid this problem by evaluating your product packaging for accessibility. Have at least several members of your team confirm that they can easily figure out how to open it and, if necessary, ask potential clients, as well.


No Consumer research


Do you really know what impression your brand is making? Packaging decisions are often made based on internal stakeholders’ opinions—without regard for what the target audience truly believes. It's suicidal, and it puts the brand in a wishful thinking situation, and ultimately leads to consumers to follow you away. Some companies make the mistake of creating the design for their product packaging without consulting customers or even considering what the customers might want. If your target audience is the elderly, you probably want to avoid neon colors, for example. In addition, you wouldn’t want to sell something that appeals to kids without a great deal of imagery on the packaging. Design your packaging with your target audience in mind and then talk to them to see if you hit the mark. Don’t be afraid to make changes if necessary. This is part of the design process. Ideally, you will come up with the design based on your audience then directly ask a sampling of that audience for their input, adjust, and repeat the process. To take the simplest example, for children as a target group, whether it is snacks or toys, the packaging must be attractive, which can attract children's attention. Therefore, both the design of packaging and the type of packaging machine need to pay more attention.


Packaging problems are not only the two mentioned above, but also many aspects that need to be paid attention to. At the same time, whether it is food or medicine, we need to pay enough attention to packaging. For example, Both capsule and powder shaped drugs need packaging and brand characteristics,pharmaceutical packaging machine is a good choice.

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