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Introduction to Parts of Filling Machine

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28-2-capsule maker machine

Capsule refill machine is a new type of medicine packaging machine, which has a novel structure and beautiful shape. It adopts electric and pneumatic joint control. It is equipped with electronic automatic counting device and speed regulating device, which can respectively complete the actions of capsule positioning, separation, filling and locking.



1. Characteristics of Capsule Machine


Capsule machine has the advantages of fast filling speed and small size difference. It integrates the finishing of powder loaded capsule shell, the finishing of capsule cap and capsule set into one, which is compact and convenient. It is suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, hospitals and clinics. For example, if 2-3 capsules making machines are used at the same time, it is suitable for mass production.


A whole batch of herbs, vitamins, minerals or other powders can be made in just a few minutes with capsule bottling machine. There are many capsule fillers, which can be made from any dry powder, even powder can be made with a mortar and pestle. Finer powder can also be ground by some powder with a mortar and pestle. These powders include herbal powder, vitamin C and other vitamin powder, amino acid powder (such as branched chain amino acid), cordyceps sinensis and other mushroom powder, spirulina and other green powder.



2. Structure of Capsule Machine


Full automatic capsule filling machine is composed of empty capsule feeding device, capsule distribution device, powder feeding device, metering plate mechanism, capsule filling and sealing mechanism, main transmission mechanism in the box and electrical control system.


(1) Empty Capsule Feeding Device


It is composed of a hopper and a conveying pipeline, which mainly stores the empty capsules and makes the empty capsules enter the capsule sub main device vertically one by one.


(2) Capsule Distribution Device


Make the empty capsule enter into the selection fork of the distributing device. If the selection fork moves downward once, it will send down six capsules, and the plastic cap is on the top. At the same time, the vacuum separation system integrates the capsule into the module and separates the capsule body cap.


(3) Powder Feeding Device


It is composed of powder hopper, powder hopper screw and blanking conveying pipe. It is mainly used to put the stored powder on the metering plate under the action of screw and mixing.


(4) Metering Plate Mechanism


According to the size of the capsule and the size of the metering plate matched with loading capacity, the powder is filled after five times in the intermittent rotating metering plate and compacted into a medicine column, then pushed into the capsule of the lower module.


(5) Capsule Filling and Sealing Mechanism


When the lower capsule body of the drug column capsule is pushed in, the rubber caps of the upper and lower modules and the lower capsule body are pushed upward to make it buckle.


(6) Main Transmission Mechanism in Box


In the box, the motor, box type Ferguson intermittent slewing gear, gear pair, deceleration, cam pair and chain transmission mechanism are applied to complete the power required for the execution of the work. At the same time, the frequency conversion motor achieves the function of frequency conversion and speed regulation.


(7) Electrical Control System


The process elements of filling of capsules are controlled and displayed by PLC system.


Capsule maker machine can replace manual capsule filling because it can reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, with accurate filling dose, and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical hygiene.



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