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Is It Getting Hot? The Business Opportunities of Cool and Refreshing Mask Quietly Come

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In the control normalization of new coronavirus, mask is still a necessary product of personal protection. However, wearing a mask is almost breathless with high temperature in the hot summer. Many businesses find this business opportunity and launchcool mask one after another to meet people's demand forcool. But cancool mask effectively achieve the cooling protection effect?



1.‘Cool Mask’ Is Popular and Many Enterprises Grasp Business Opportunities

With the increasing temperature in summer, the demand forcool mask in many parts of the world is also increasing. Therefore, some enterprises began to seize the business opportunities and develop variouscool masks according to the market demand. Mask machines include foam mask making machine, mini mask making machine, fully automatic mask making machine, etc.


According to media reports, Japanese enterprises havecross-border production of cool masks one after another. At the end of May, a Japanese sportswear brand began to sellcool masks made of special materials. The unit price ofcool mask that can be repeatedly cleaned is about 60 yuan. 20000 masks were sold on the day they were launched. A Japanese textile company has launched a machine make mask that can be added with refrigerant. Two small pockets are sewn on the mask. Four bags of refrigerant can be put into the pockets to cool the wearer's face in 1-2 hours. It can be used repeatedly after it is put in the refrigerator and frozen. The price of each mask is about 84 yuan.


As early as March this year, thecool masks launched by some Chinese enterprises was in short supply. A company said that because the weather turned hot, the cool bead masks produced by the non woven mask making machine and face mask making machine automatic of its subsidiary is in short supply, and the company is trying to increase its product supply. On June 14, data from an e-commerce platform showed that the monthly sales of the masks exceeded 6000 in a exclusive store.



95-2-non woven mask making machine

2. Is It Reliable?‘Cool Mask’ Is Questioned

According to the understanding of it, thecool mask on the market are mainly divided into four types.


(1) The material is made of silk, ice silk or other breathable and quick drying fabrics for producing sportswear and swimsuit.


(2) Try to find a solution on the thickness of mask material.


(3) Add cool and refreshing beads with multiple flavors into the mask.


(4) Clip the essential oil clip on the mask to make it more breathable.


Facing the variouscool masks made by machinery for making face mask and mask making automatic machine, consumers have different feelings after experiencing. Some people think that it is too cool, others think its cooling effect is not obvious. Some people are skeptical about the role of virus isolation, and fall into a dilemma between keeping cool and preventing virus.


It is reported that thecool masks on the market are mostly disposable dust masks rather than disposable medical masks, except for some KN95 masks. Among them, there are also dust-proof mask enterprises that posted a test report, showing that the mask filtration efficiency is more than 97%, in order to let consumers rest assured. Moreover, some bead stylecool masks can only have a certain cooling effect at a certain time, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of hot mask covering in summer. Therefore, many consumers have questioned the cooling effect ofcool mask and its protective effect on new coronavirus.


As for how to choose acool mask, experts say that the quality of the machine making mask face can not be judged simply by its thickness. For example, the material of non-fiber mask is different from that of ordinary spray cloth. Although it is very transparent and thin, in fact its bacterial filtration efficiency can reach more than 99%, and the filtration efficiency of non oily particles can also reach more than 90%.


Therefore, experts suggest that some of the machine make face masks on the market in summer can achieve particle filtration efficiency of more than 95%, bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 99%, and ventilation resistance of less than 25Pa. The protective level of the mask is up to the level of medical surgery, but the ventilation resistance is only half of the upper limit of the ordinary medical surgical mask. Therefore, it is more breathable to wear and breathe more freely, so consumers can choose with ease.


In the absence of standards, experts in the industry pointed out that somecool masks may have risks such as decreased protective effect of masks, suspected of false publicity and violation of laws and regulations. The relevant departments can not allow the enterprises to explain it by themselves. They should issue the relevant standards ofcool masks as soon as possible to standardize the production behavior of enterprises and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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