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Is Making Masks a Good Business Opportunity?

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As we all know, the supply and demand of masks after the epidemic is unbalanced, and the price of masks has risen sharply. However, with the alleviation of the epidemic situation and more and more enterprises begin to manufacture masks, the daily production of masks in China has rapidly increased from 20 million to 116 million per day, which makes the production capacity of masks in China gradually exceed the demand. So, is it a good chance to get rich to start making masks now? 


Before manufacturing masks, you need to buy raw materials and a complete set of mask production equipment, including high quality mask manufacturing machine, energy saving mask packaging machine, etc. Automatic mask making machine is the most critical equipment, without which you will not be able to produce masks. When you have these devices, you also need to get an official license, otherwise your masks can't be put on the market. When you have done all the preparatory work, you can start to produce masks.


At present, the price of masks in the world has begun to decline, and the decline rate in some regions is very large. The price of a disposable protective mask is currently about 0.3 to 0.5 yuan. If you calculate it carefully, you will find that the retail price is lower than the factory price of some mask factories. At present, the price of melt blown fabric is about 300000 yuan per ton, and the price of non-woven fabric is about 30000 yuan per ton. The cost of a disposable mask is about 0.3 to 0.4 yuan. According to the current price, the profit of mask is almost zero.


81-3-mask making machine

Although the mask market in China is almost saturated, the prospect of foreign mask market is still broad. According to the data, sales of masks in France have increased 87 times in the past month, Spain by 188 times and Italy by 540 times. According to this data, if you start investing in the mask industry now, you may soon be able to earn back the cost of multifunctional mask making machines and low-consumption mask packaging machines. 


However, with a large number of masks entering the U.S. market, the U.S. government has found that many masks are unqualified products. The FDA said it would withdraw the license of several Chinese manufacturers to export masks to the United States, reducing the number of Chinese manufacturers allowed to manufacture masks for the United States to 14. Therefore, if you want your masks to be sold overseas, you must strictly control the quality. For example, you can buy all-round mask making machines and best mask packaging machines. Low price mask manufacturing machine can produce products automatically, which can reduce labor costs for you. And environmentally friendly mask packaging machine can reduce packaging errors and improve the pass rate of your products.


However, investment in the mask industry is still risky. As the epidemic eases, people's demand for masks will gradually decline. When the epidemic is completely over, you can sell equipment like old mask making machines, which can also help you recover costs.

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