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Jumping Out from Thinking Comfort Zone—The New Future of Flexible Packaging

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Like other packaging, three elements of packaging should be considered for flexible packaging, namely safety, convenience and beauty (display and promotion). After more than 20 years of development, the flexible packaging industry in China has made great progress, especially in the beauty of flexible packaging which has reached the world's leading level. However, there are still some problems in the safety of flexible packaging, which needs continuous efforts. Next, let's take a look at the future development trend of flexible packaging. The packaging machines applied for flexible packaging include sauce packaging machine, fruit juice packing machine, ice cream packing machine, etc.


99-2-automatic packing machine 

1. The Choice of Easy Opening and Re Sealing Is Becoming More and More Popular

Open processing and capping are more widely applied than before. These applications include special linear strips, re sealable zippers that can be opened without tearing the top of soft bags, and liquid bags with mouth. The corresponding mechanical equipment including vacuum fresh maintaining packing machine or chamber vacuum machines has also improved a lot.



2. Transparent High Barrier Film

The new generation of transparent film and coating film gradually began to have the barrier properties of aluminum foil and metallized film.



3. Sustainable Packaging Capacity

Sustainability is closely related to the packaging industry. Flexible packaging bag in the production process and transportation process also provides a huge energy saving capacity. With the utilization of flexible packaging bags, packaging companies can not only save the cost of packaging materials, but also save the later packaging operating system, such as canceling the labeling machine, capping machine and vacuum pack sealing machine, etc.



4. Irregular Packaging

Molding and filling food vacuum sealer packaging machine at current period can produce more bags with different shapes and styles than before. In addition to two-dimensional and curved shapes, automatic packing machine equipment manufacturers are also working on improving their equipment to produce soft bags in cone or three-dimensional shapes, as well as more challenging shapes.



5. High temperature cooking packaging

High temperature cooking packaging is such a kind of packaging. After it is filled, it is placed at a high enough temperature to be boiledfor a long enough period of time, which will kill the bacteria and microorganisms that easily cause food deterioration. Both metal cans and glass cans are traditional high-temperature cooking packaging forms. Compared with metal cans and glass cans, flexible packaging is easier to be opened, lighter and has less impact on the environment. Food from high-temperature cooking packages usually tastes better because of reducing the abuse of heating cycle for sterilization. At the same time, it also avoids the problem of folding and fracture caused by aluminum foil and some old coating technology.



6. Flexible Packaging Has Penetrated into the New Product Field

In just a few years, flexible packaging has tried to sweep the entire product field, classic examples include pet food. In baby food, more and more glass bottles are being replaced by high-temperature cooking bags (in addition to this, as well as thermoforming trays). Flexible packaging has even been applied in the fertilizer industry. The soft packaging machines include ketchup packaging machine, peanut butter packaging machine, etc.



7. Bags Have Far-reaching Influence

Customizable soft bag structure can meet a variety of barrier requirements. With the gradual emergence of a series of new products such as liquid, viscous, powdery and granular, the development of soft bags will involve food and beverage, cosmetics, health products, automobile manufacturing, medicine, agriculture and other industries.



8. Waste Energy Conversion Is Becoming More and More Mature

Waste energy conversion, referred to as WTE, has become an increasingly viable option for the end of life of flexible packaging materials in North America. With the development of urban incineration technology, some problems related to harmful emissions have been solved. For example, U.S. companies support and work to convert waste into electricity, syngas, fuel and recyclable materials. Waste incineration power generation can reduce air emissions, landfill load, energy utilization and cost. In addition, by reducing municipal solid waste and energy generated and selling it to local power grids and related agencies, it helps to reduce energy costs within the community.


Flexible packaging enterprises should keep up with the change of market demand, adjust product structure in time, and realize product differentiation. At the same time, energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, safety and other new business concepts should be focused to promote enterprises to be more standardized and orderly.



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