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Key Points of Liquid Packaging

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Whether it is sauces, thick cream, gel, or even water can use efficient liquid packaging machine to complete the packaging. Automatic liquid packaging machine is a kind of modern flexible packaging machine which is fast, clean and easy to use. If you are looking for a multifunctional liquid packaging machine, you need to know the following in advance.


59-2-liquid packaging machine




Viscosity is defined as the resistance of a fluid to flow. It describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. A liquid of high viscosity, such as molasses, that resists motion because of the large amount of internal friction caused by its molecular composition. A fluid with a lower viscosity, such as water or corn oil, flows easily because its molecular composition creates little friction when it moves.


For high quality liquid packaging machine, it is very complicated to calculate the viscosity of fluid accurately, but some precise equipment can be used to measure the viscosity of fluid. But you can roughly calculate the viscosity of a fluid by using a formula, which is: viscosity = shear stress / shear rate. The answer calculated from this formula is usually expressed in centipoise (CPS). The scientists took water as the standard and set the viscosity of water at 1 CPS. Liquid products like honey have a viscosity of 2000 to 3000 CPS. The viscosity of condiments such as ketchup or mustard ranges from 50000 to 70000 CPS.


Urban is a professional packaging machine manufacturer, they can produce various types of professional packaging equipment, such as multifunctional juice pouch packing machine, all-round ice cream packaging machine, automatic blister packaging machine, semi automatic encapsulation machine, oil capsule filling machine, etc. Urban staff explained that in the consumer packaging industry, viscosity affects the speed at which liquid products pass through the pipe, the time required to dry, and the time required to distribute the liquid into the packaging. 


When choosing energy saving liquid packaging machine, the viscosity of the product is an important detail and must be accurate. Viscosity determines the type of product filler used. The packaging machine must provide appropriate force to induce the flow of liquid. However, if the force provided is too large, it will cause too many products to enter the packaging bag, resulting in the bag being burst.





The filling temperature of liquid products is very important to the packaging project, especially when it comes to product fillers. When heated, most liquid products flow more easily. Imagine the consistency of frosting or motor oil when heated, its viscosity is significantly reduced and it becomes more free flowing. To provide the most effective liquid packaging solution, it is necessary to provide accurate filling temperature.



Size of Particle


Liquids like salad dressings, soups and sauces usually contain particles. These particles are usually spices and additives, such as small pieces of vegetables. These particles can be suspended in the liquid product or settle to the bottom of the liquid. When packaging products containing particles, special attention must be paid to accurately describing and measuring their average size and general properties. The presence of particles will determine the type of product filler.



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