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Knowledge of Dust Mask

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Dust mask is an essential protective equipment for workers engaged in and exposed to dust. It is mainly used in the working environment with low concentration of harmful gas and dust. Dust mask is made by professional mask making machine. Different models of face mask making machine can make different masks. The filter box of dust mask only contains adsorbent. Some filter boxes are also equipped with a filter layer to filter aerosol. Some military gas masks are mainly made of activated carbon cloth, and the outer layer is made of water-resistant and oil-resistant fabric, and the inner layer is made of glass fiber filter material, which can provide temporary protection in case of sudden attack of poisonous gas. 



Types of Dust Masks


Although there are many kinds of dust masks, their raw materials are composite filtering materials, and they are all made by mask making machine. Common filter materials include activated carbon fiber, activated carbon particles, melt blown fabric, non-woven fabric and electrostatic fiber. In addition, there are some special filtering materials, mainly used to filter special toxic gases or radioactive particles.


According to the use times of masks, they can be divided into disposable masks, reusable masks and recyclable masks. People have a great demand for disposable masks, so disposable masks are generally made by surgical mask making machine, because the production efficiency of ear loop face mask making machine is higher than that of manual. 


Some masks also have breathing valves. Breathing valve is a kind of one-way ventilation device. Breathing valve can reduce heat accumulation and make breathing easier. The automatic mask making machine can meet the production requirements of this kind of mask. The mask is suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity environment. 


8-3-mask making machine 

Material of Dust Mask


Different dust masks use different filter materials. On the one hand, the filtration effect is related to the particle size, but also affected by whether the particles contain oil. Dust masks are usually classified according to filtration efficiency and whether they are suitable for filtering oily particles.


Synthetic Fiber


Synthetic fiber can completely replace non-woven fabric and glass fiber in general filtration environment. It is a new filter material and also the main development direction of filter material in the future. Compared with other materials of the same grade, synthetic fiber has the advantages of low resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection and moderate price.


Non Woven Fabric


Non woven fabric has the characteristics of wide use, mature technology and good stability. Compared with other materials of the same grade, the non-woven fabric has the advantages of stable quality, strong moisture resistance, long service life and economic durability.


Glass Fibre


Glass fiber has stable performance, high temperature resistance and long service life. Glass fiber is widely used in general ventilation system, such as primary filter, high temperature resistant filter and high efficiency filter. 


If you want to make high quality dust masks, you must have a high performance cup mask making machine. If it is the manufacture of medical dust mask, it is also necessary to disinfect the medical mask making machine. Although masks can also be made by hand, masks made by fish mask making machine have better filtering effect and more stable performance. Therefore, the mouth mask making machine is the best choice for making masks.

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