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NJP-5500 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine,High Production,Touch Screen, Urban

1. NJP-5500C is the equipment with the highest output in China;
2. The equipment is fully enclosed, with 12 workers' rotary table and three rows of 43 holes arranged in the filling module;
  • NJP-5500C

  • Urban


1. NJP-5500C is the equipment with the highest output in China;
2. The equipment is fully enclosed, with 12 workers' rotary table and three rows of 43 holes arranged in the filling module;
3. The whole machine is equipped with the automatic stop system of gate control and alarm, which can realize the function of electronic signature printing and industrial Ethernet connection;
4. The lower module has one-way movement with two shafts, and the imported polyurethane sealing ring prevents dust from entering the rotary plate;
5. The main engine is equipped with ineligent remote control, inching, test, easy to operate, to ensure personnel safety;
6. Automatic vacuum feeding and vacuum capsule can be installed, and the control system is operated by touch screen.


Model    NJP-5500C

   330000 capsules/h

Applicable capsules

00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3# ,4#, 5# machine-made standard capsules

Filled medicine type

Not adhesive or wet powders and small granules

Total power    11Kw
Power supply
   380V 50Hz
Number of holes    43


Compressed air

(Module cleaning)

    12m3/h 0.3-0.4Mpa
Working noise
Load precision

1500X1250X2200   (LXWXH)




capsule filling machine

capsule filling machine

capsule filling machine

The machine is suitable for liquid, medicine, beverage, health product, food, perfume, pesticide, cosmetics, electronic cigarette oil, etc 

Machine Detail

capsule filling machine

New Closed Turntable

capsule filling machine

Rotary type capsule-out

capsule filling machine

Internal Structure of Turntable

capsule filling machine

New Closed Turntable

Our Service

  • Through years of experience, Urban provides several services which cover almost all requirements of clients. These services include production, design, inspection, packaging, shipment, product recommendation, after-sales service,  and multiple client solutions.

  • We can supply mаsk raw materials for you if you can't buy materials from in your local market.

  • We have a good relationship with more than four international shipping companies who have rich experiences in handling different kinds of shipping ways and also the customs declarations and clearances. They all have good shipping services to save you time and costs.

  • We have a professional international technical team. To provide you with after-sales service and guidance.

After-sale Service

We will always be responsible for the machine you purchased. Nearly 10 professional after-sales personnel provide global technical services. In this way, we also provide professional services, such as guide installation services, equipment commissioning and operation services, maintenance services and equipment parts replacement. Ensure the quality of your products, while eliminating your worries.

  1. 1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 years.

  2. 2. Provide professional machine operation and maintenance guidelines.

  3. 4. Provide 24-hour online professional technical services .

About Us

Urban was founded in 2003, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of mask production machine, melt-blown cloth production machine, protective clothing production machine, liquid capsule filling machine and other medical production equipment and pharmaceutical machinery.

Company has won a member of the Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry small and mid sized enterprise of Zhejiang province, wenzhou science and technology innovation oriented enterprises, through the 1509001 quality management system certification, eu CE mark certification, product has self-supported import and export right, the company existing authorized more than 20 patents, among them 2 product invention patents, also has many sets of high-end machining center equipment and testing equipment, provide quality assurance for the quality of products.

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  • Name of Base: URBAN

  • Time of establishment: 2003

  • Base address: No.371 The First Development Road, Economy Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China

  • Floor area: 3000 m2

  • Number of employees: 120

  • Products: NJP full automatic capsule filling machine, NJYF hard capsule liquid filling machine,sealing machine connecting line,semi-automatic capsule filling machine,capsule polishing machine, etc.

  • Certification obtained: ISO CE FDA

  • Capacity: 5500 capsules/min

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With first-class product quality and perfect after- sales service, our products are sold well in provincesand cities, autonomous regions, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other areas, and exported to North America, SouthAmerica, Europe, Australia, Africa, southeast Asia, the Middle East and more than 60 countries around theworld.