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Operation Guide for Mask Making Machine

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Ultrasonic mask making machine can weld multi-layer non-woven fabric or PVC film and other materials. The frequency of 20kHz and 15KHz is commonly used in the welding process of non-woven fabrics. Ultrasonic energy can penetrate materials and weld them together. Disposable flat face mask and N95 mask are made in this way, and the ear band of the mask is welded on the mask by ultrasonic wave.


5-3-mask making machine 

System Composition of Mask Making Machine


Ultrasonic mask machine generally includes the following structures: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic welding mold and related accessories, such as flange plate, cable, etc. Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic power supply and ultrasonic electric box, is an electronic circuit device that can provide high-frequency current. With ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic vibration energy can be generated. The ultrasonic generator, transducer and welding head form a complete set of ultrasonic vibration devices.



Precautions for Installing Mask Making Machine


Wipe the contact surface between the welding head of the mask making machine USA and the horn, and apply a small amount of silicone oil or grease on the two end faces. Screw the screw into one side of the welding head, and then connect the welding head with the amplitude transformer through the screw, and tighten it with the spanner screw.


Before operating the disposable mask making machine, make sure that the frequency of the generator is consistent with the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer system. After changing the welding head or changing the output amplitude, ultrasonic testing is also required.


Before starting the facial mask making machine, check whether the mask blank making machine is in automatic operation mode. First of all, it is necessary to detect whether the ultrasonic frequency is normal. Only when the ultrasonic system is in order can the manual mask making machine work automatically.


When debugging the surgical mask making machine, the welding head must not be subjected to pressure. The rosette or other device on the other side needs to be raised to ensure that the welding head is suspended.



Adjustment Method of Mask Making Machine


Intelligent ultrasonic generator, which can automatically identify the system frequency. First, you need to turn on the generator and then press the frequency scan button. Normally, the operating frequency of the nose mask making machine with rated frequency of 20 kHz is between 19.60 kHz and 20.10 kHz, while the operating frequency of the mouth mask making machine with rated frequency of 15 kHz is between 14.65 kHz and 15.0 kHz, and the current is less than 1A. In continuous operation, the amplitude of intelligent ultrasonic generator does not generally exceed 50%. After confirming that the ultrasonic system is in order, external control can be activated to allow the medical mask making machine to start working automatically.


When overload alarm occurs in the system, the possible reasons are as follows:


1. Open circuit occurs in ultrasonic output line.

2. Transducer damaged or welding head damaged.

3. Loose welding head may result from long working time.

4. The operating temperature of the respirator is too high and a blower is required to cool the machine.

5. The circuit of generator is failed. 

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