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Packaging industry predictions: top trends to watch in 2020

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types of food packaging machines

By 2020, your consumers' demand for food packaging will be particularly prominent and have a unique value proposition.


Many brands have won the favor of consumers and commercial success due to their innovative packaging. For example, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola has been playing packaging marketing since 2013, and the results are very remarkable. They launched self-portrait bottles, lyrics bottles and other packaging successively which stimulate consumers' vision and sensitive nerves.



Satisfying the appetite of consumers by investing in packaging-amazing. Maintain your competitive advantage by aligning food packaging with brand values and continuous innovation to create a truly memorable customer experience.


Packaging is part of the customer's first impression of food-making it a premium food.


Follow these food packaging trends in 2020.



Optimize packaging equipment and simplify labor


"We just can't find good people." This may be a problem that most packaging manufacturers are currently encountering. In 2020, labor costs will rise further. Many of the manufacturers and contract packagers we talk to are facing the same labor challenges, top among them a shortage of skilled labor and high turnover among production staff.


As a solution to these challenges, many are investing in packaging automation, as this frees up resources previously dedicated to manual labor and creates predictability and scalability in their production output.


In the past, manual packaging machines required a lot of manpower, such as manual milk packing machine, workshop operators need to place wrapping paper,  fold the material manually and perform a series of operations, which not only affect efficiency, but also do not guarantee product standardization.


With the increasing degree of automation, a series of changes have been made in the field of packaging machines, automatic packaging machines or semi-automatic packaging machines become the industry's new show.


But you still need labor, but labor costs will fall dramatically. You need a few humans to operate and maintain packaging machines. If you are dealing with an unpredictable labor pool, you want machinery that needs little babysitting and is easy to learn and operate.


Personalization on Packaging


Consumers are attracted to products that are personalized in various ways. Personal touches such as names or messages on packaging can make your customers feel special and improve their experience with your brand.


High-profile food and beverage brands have tried personalized packaging and have found success. This growing trend is becoming an industry-standard as consumers desire more customizations.


However, customized and personalized packaging also allows for a corresponding increase in delivery. Smart packaging equipment manufacturers are addressing this reality head-on by maintaining an in-stock inventory of high demand, standard models of their equipment. These stock machines can potentially cut delivery times from months to weeks.


Flexible packaging (still) winning


According to PMMI's 2019 Flexible Packaging Market Assessment, "flexible packaging accounts for 19 percent of the overall packaging market and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.9 percent CAGR by 2023." Flexibles are the second largest packaging segment, beaten only by corrugated paper.


So why all the love for flexible packaging? Convenience, cost, and sustainability.


The convenience of portable, on-the-go packages is appealing to a busy consumer base. Additionally, parents with small children love flexibles for their safety and practicality. When it comes to cost-cutting, flexibles win again, especially in the growing world of e-commerce. Lightweight and protective during shipping, flexible packages are a perfect fit for the perils of long-distance travel. Sustainability is also a huge driver for the growing flexible packaging market: New developments in sustainable materials, right-sizing packaging to its contents, and a lower total carbon footprint make flexibles a top choice for sustainability.



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