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Pet Food Packaging Is Becoming a Trend

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Nowadays, the packaging design of pet food brand has turned its attention to young consumers. The younger generation is rapidly redefining what it means to be a pet parent, from contact information with pets to how to shop. In addition to sustainable development and environmental impact, young consumers are also looking for pet food with outstanding taste, quality experience and labeled with healthy natural ingredients. At the same time, these pet food should be convenient to use and packaged. Food packaging machines include automatic milk packing machine, pet food packaging machine, juice filling and sealing machine, etc.


98-2-food packaging equipment 

1. Sustainable Development


The sustainable development of pet food includes not only the sustainability of its ingredients, but also the sustainability of product packaging. According to a survey, 29% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 22 say that they specialize in buying environmentally friendly products.


There are several ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging for intelligent design and material selection.


(1) Look for packaging with lightweight and less material.

Ensure that these packaging materials come from renewable and sustainable sources, such as plastics made from paperboard or sugarcane and other plants.


(2) Extend Shelf Life

Another important sustainability of packaging is its ability to protect food quality, extend shelf life, and prevent unnecessary waste. Choose proper packaging of appropriate packaging machine for food products or food packaging equipment to protect the taste, color, smell and nutritional value of the product by preventing it from being exposed to light and oxygen. Aseptic and cooking cartons are a good example. The technology can extend the shelf life without preservatives or cold storage.


(3) Recyclability of packaging

Packaging scrapping is another important consideration for consumers who focus on environmental protection. In order to predict the recyclability of packaging in advance, the brand should clearly convey the packaging life cycle, including what kind of products can be made once the packaging is recycled. Different packaging can be completed by various packaging machines such as vacuum airtight sealing packing machine, nitrogen packing machine for snacks, air vacuum packing machine, etc.  



2. Taste and Quality

Pet parents are increasingly concerned about feeding their pets with high-quality food. According to a survey, four out of ten dog owners will consider their pet's taste preference when choosing food. This is a more important decision-making factor than foods with limited ingredients or without grains. Among cat food buyers, 31% make decisions based on taste.


Pet parents are also caring much for the quality of the ingredients listed on the label. According to statistics, the sales of pet food without GM has increased by nearly 29% in 2018. Other high-quality pet food ingredients include pet food without hormones, fillers, artificial preservatives and artificial pigments.



3. Cleaning Label

Cleaning label also reflects a development trend of pet food. A cleaning label is a list of easy-to-understand short ingredients on the label. Many consumers want meat to stand out in the ingredient list of pet food. Although meat is important to pet parents, they are also looking for pet food with fruit and vegetable labels to increase nutrition and improve pet health. Products like cranberries, blueberries and sweet potatoes are becoming more and more popular with them.



4. Convenient and Ease of Use

Modern pet parents are very busy and they are also looking for convenient and easy-to-use pet food, while packaging is the key factor. According to statistics, 26% of consumers avoid buying this product because of its complicated packaging. Food packaging machines include ice cream packaging machine, potato packing machine, snack packaging machine, etc.


It is important for pet food producers to keep up with these trends. Different brands should try to keep pace with the trend of young consumers looking for pet food.

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