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Pharmaceutical Industry and Digital Supply Chain

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There is a close relationship between drug serialization and digital supply chain when the current technology trend of pharmaceutical industry is analyzed. In short, the former is a prerequisite infrastructure investment for the latter. Most pharmaceutical companies are starting to think about this point.


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1. Structure of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


Whether it is the traditional medicine supply chain, or the medicine supply chain under the medical reform, such as the two-invoice system or the digital medicine supply chain, there are many supply chain node bodies involved in the process from the production of medicines to the final use of consumers (in this process, automatic capsule filler, automatic packing machine and other equipment are essential). These supply chain node bodies include pharmaceutical industry regulatory department, pharmaceutical raw and auxiliary material suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medicine bidding intermediary organizations, medicine distributors, hospitals, medicine retail enterprises, terminal customers (patients), etc.



2. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Nodes


(1) Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are at the source of the drug supply chain defined in this paper.


(2) Drug Wholesale Enterprises

Pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises are the intermediate link of the drug supply chain, which is not only the gathering place of drugs (including all kinds of hard and soft automatic capsules, machine make mask, etc.), but also the dispersing place of drugs.


(3) Hospital

Hospital is a very important and special node in the drug supply chain, and it is also the core enterprise. Its upstream is a large number of pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, and its downstream is the terminal customer - patients. It mainly provides medical services in the supply chain, and is the main circulation channel and trading place.


(4) Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises

Drug retail enterprises are not only another channel besides hospitals after drugs enter the consumption link, but also important business entities in drug service system.


(5) Drug Regulatory Department

Although the drug regulatory department is not a node business entity in the drug supply chain itself, it is also an integral part of the drug supply chain.



3. The Correlations between the Main Body of Each Node in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


The flow of information flow, logistics and capital flow in drug supply chain can be unidirectional or bi-directional. The links in the drug supply chain are interdependent and inseparable. Of course, there is also some medical equipment in the logistics, such as pharmaceutical packaging machine, capsule counting and filling machine, automatic cartooning machine, etc.



4. Operation Mode of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


In the traditional operation mode of drug supply chain, the upstream suppliers are all centered on the products of pharmaceutical manufacturers, and all activities or services taken in the operation process are aimed at pushing the products to downstream customers. However, it focuses less on the demand information of downstream customers and the requirements for downstream partners are relatively low. As a result, the response ability of this mode to market demand is poor. Downstream customers, especially terminal customers (consumers), can only passively accept the products or services delivered by upstream suppliers and passively make limited choices.


In January 2017, the two-invoice system was implemented. The two-invoice system refers to that the drugs are sold from the pharmaceutical enterprises to the pharmaceutical distributors to issue an invoice once, and the pharmaceutical distributors sell to the hospital to issue an invoice again.‘Two invoice’can replace the common seven invoices or eight invoices, so as to reduce the exploitation of circulation links. Moreover, there should be no more than two first-class distributors for each variety. After the implementation of the‘two-invoice system’, the channel of pharmaceutical circulation has been flattened, and the level of pharmaceutical supply chain has been greatly compressed. Although the existence of problem drugs and counterfeit drugs can not be eliminated, efforts to achieve information sharing and efficient collaboration in the drug supply chain and increase the transparency and visualization of the whole drug supply chain will be conducive to the solution of these problems.



5. Development Trend of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


(1) Circulation links are diminished and circulation costs are reduced.


(2) Improve the integration of supply chain. 


(3) Drug logistics extends to hospitals.


(4) Strengthen the ability of drug supervision and control.


(5) Platformization of ecological sharing.


(6) Gridding of organization structure. 


(7) Specialization of service level. 


(8) Standardization of pharmaceutical logistics.


(9) Intelligentization of information technology.


The digital supply chain of pharmaceutical industry takes Internet big data as the technical means to open up the upstream, middle and lower upstream of the pharmaceutical industry, including business flow, logistics flow, capital flow, information flow, etc., and constructs a new ecological chain system through resource integration.


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