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Possible Problems in the Process of Capsule Filling

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Filling capsules by hand is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, for customers with larger filling requirements (medical and nutritional industries), they will purchase auto capsule filling machine or semi automatic capsule filling machine to fill capsules. However, the capsule maker machine does not guarantee the integrity of each capsule produced completely.


42-2-capsule manufacturing machines


1. Possible Quality Problems in the Process of Capsule Filling

(1) Load Difference Overrun

This reason mainly includes capsule shell factor, drug factor, filling equipment factor and so on. The fluidity of capsule filler powder can be improved by adding suitable subsidiary materials or making granules to make the filling accurate. At the same time, the capsule filling equipment should be repaired and maintained in time to ensure normal operation.


(2) Moisture Absorption

Moisture absorption is a common problem in the preparation of capsules. Because the contents tend to become soft, caking, and even mildewed after absorbing moisture, and the capsule shell becomes soft and deformed after absorbing moisture, thus the quality and efficacy of drugs is affected. There are three solutions. The first is to strictly control the ambient temperature and humidity in the production links of empty automatic capsule storage, material processing, material filling, etc. The other is to improve the preparation process (such as granulation, moisture-proof lagging cover, etc.). Third, glass bottles, double aluminum foil packaging or aluminum plastic packaging are adopted for the packaging.


(3) The Content Is Insufficient

A small amount of loss often occurs in the filling of quantitative pill capsule filler, which makes the final content insufficient. More than a few grains can be prepared at the time of formulation, and the excess powder will be discarded after filling, except for anesthetic and poison drugs.



2. Other Problems and Solutions That May Be Encountered during the Operation of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

(1) Effect of Filling Station on Quality of Capsule Filling

For example, the fourth station is a non pressure volumetric small particle filling device. In the process of GMP equipment validation, conditions should be created to verify from two aspects. On the one hand, it is the volume error caused by the parallel each volume bin and the consistency of the volume changes of each volume bin in the process of production debugging process. The other is the physical properties of particles, such as fluidity of particles, particle size distribution, viscosity, gravity, roundness and so on.


(2) Failure of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

When small automatic capsule filling machine is applied for production, capsule manufacturers will more or less encounter the following situations. For example, the capsule shell can not be separated. The head and tail of the capsule are concave. The capsule is rubbed and split. The difference in loading volume is too large. The bearings at the outlet, lock and removal of waste capsule are blocked. In case of the above situations, the equipment operator can solve the problems pertinently, or the equipment manufacturer should be contacted to ensure the safety of capsule production.


Take the concave head and tail of the capsule as an example. In case of this kind of situation, one is that the capsule shell itself has problems, which can be solved by replacing the capsule shell. In addition, the operator can also check whether the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted to increase the stress area of the capsule cap.


Fully automatic capsule filling machine is compact in structure, small in size and fully sealed, which can ensure that the product will not be contaminated by lubricating oil and has the characteristics of automation. Some capsule manufacturing machines are also equipped with protection devices for human and machine safety. Computer control, stepless speed regulation and digital display also make it more convenient for operators to operate the equipment.



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