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Pr During Covid-19: What You Can Do To Enhance Brand Image

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COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has been wreaking havoc across the globe. The high number of deaths and how the disease is quick to spread prompted WHO to declare it a global pandemic on 11th March.


Countless people practice “social distancing” and stay home as much as possible. How does this affect your PR and marketing strategies? Let’s take a look at what you need to know and do during this difficult time.


How the COVID-19 Affects Your Business


B2B marketing and PR during Coronavirus:


Besides how to stop the spread of the actual disease, as businesses, we need to know how to properly address this issue within our strategies. We need to realize this coronavirus is not only a Challenges but also a opportunities.



Because people are panicking. Their attention is not on business developments or product offerings. And Through substantive activities, enterprises can effectively enhance the image of brand in the hearts of consumers, and at the same time can effectively inhibit the spread of virus within enterprises.


So what can you do?


Help people in information dissemination and mask supply. It’s an effective to undertake our own obligation to help the society can promote our brand image. Here are some methods to try.


Build Up Your Social Media

Social media is going to be a mainstay for everybody staying at home during this time. And it’s something that you can work on and improve in the background. Make sure all of your information is up to date. Look for ways to spice up your social profiles and feeds. Upload pertinent content that keeps you and your brand top of mind, but also speaks to the needs of your audience.


Focus on Online Services

In-person events and conferences are off-limits in many areas at the moment. So look for ways to do things online to support your B2B marketing and PR strategies. Create webinars that people can log into from the comfort of their home. Do a live video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that will engage your audience. Take time to produce regular videos that will benefit your strategy even after the panic dissipates.


84-1-brand image in COVID-19

Produce surgical mask 

Face masks have become particularly important in this Coronavirus, and many areas are facing the problem of mask supply shortage. Therefore, mask manufacturers meeting the standards can assume the responsibility of mask production. First of all, we can buy surgical mask making machine, including n95 mask making machine and kn95 mask making machine, and donate some of the medical masks to medical personnel. At the same time media reports relevant events, we can effectively improve the brand image.


Besides making surgical masks, producing disposal mask for ordinary people is also worth doing. We can purchase professional disposable mask production machine and produce disposable mask. After that we can sell it to cooperative enterprises at low price or donate to the public.

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