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SLB-220 Automatic Strip Packing Machine

Designed by our company earliest and produced at largest batch process,DPP-150 mini-type bubble-cap packing machine is the smallest ,lightest cheapest and energy consumption lowest packing equipment among the similar mode both in domestic and abroad .
This machine is widely suitable for new product preparation room of pharmaceutical section of people’s hospital ,small pharmaceutical factory,drug rest .
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1.It is suitable for automatic aluminum-aluminum foil heat sealing packing for tablets, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc industry. 2.Meeting the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also it can be used in plastic-plastic heat sealing package. It automatically completes the functions such as vibrating material feeding, broken piece filtering, counting, lengthways and transverse impressing, cutting margin scrap, batch number printing etc.

3.It adopts PLC programmable controller, with frequency converter, man-machine interface to operation, and also can adjust cutting speed and travel range at random. It is accurate feeding, tight sealing, full purpose, stable performance, ease of operation.
4.It can enhance the product grade, extended product durability. It is an ideal equipment for pharmaceutical industry. It has qualified by the national Medicine Inspection of Bureau rank Center, and passed appraisal as the Science and Technology Achievement in Zhejiang Province, and meets GMP standard.



Model SLB-220 SLB-300 SLB-400
Speed if drum 7-14 (stepless) 7-14 (stepless) 7-14 (stepless)
Packing Dimension (mm) 220MM 300MM 400MM
Production Capacity pcs/h) 20000-60000pcs/h 20000-80000pcs/h
PVC for medicine 0.05-0.1×220mm 0.05-0.1×300mm 0.05-0.1×400mm
AL-plastic combined film 0.08-0.10×200mm 0.08-0.10×300mm 0.08-0.10×400mm
Hole dia of reel 70-75mm 70-75mm 70-75mm
Air Supply ≥0.1m³/min ≥0.1m³/min ≥0.1m³/min
Weight (kg) 900kg 950kg 1200kg
Overall Dimension (mm) 1600x850x2000mm 1600x850x2000mm 1600x850x2100mm

About Us

Urban was founded in 2003, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of mask production machine, melt-blown cloth production machine, protective clothing production machine, liquid capsule filling machine and other medical production equipment and pharmaceutical machinery.

Company has won a member of the Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry small and mid sized enterprise of Zhejiang province, wenzhou science and technology innovation oriented enterprises, through the 1509001 quality management system certification, eu CE mark certification, product has self-supported import and export right, the company existing authorized more than 20 patents, among them 2 product invention patents, also has many sets of high-end machining center equipment and testing equipment, provide quality assurance for the quality of products.

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  • Name of Base: URBAN

  • Time of establishment: 2003

  • Base address: No.371 The First Development Road, Economy Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China

  • Floor area: 3000 m2

  • Number of employees: 120

  • Products: NJP full automatic capsule filling machine, NJYF hard capsule liquid filling machine,sealing machine connecting line,semi-automatic capsule filling machine,capsule polishing machine, etc.

  • Certification obtained: ISO CE FDA

  • Capacity: 5500 capsules/min

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With first-class product quality and perfect after- sales service, our products are sold well in provincesand cities, autonomous regions, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other areas, and exported to North America, SouthAmerica, Europe, Australia, Africa, southeast Asia, the Middle East and more than 60 countries around theworld.