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Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • JTJ-A Household Small Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
    The JTJ-A Capsule-Filling Machine is a new type of medicine filling machine with novel structure and attractive appearance.
    Under both electrical and pneumatic control and equipped with and automatic electronic counter and computer-controlled speed-adjusting device, the machine can accomplish the positioning, separation and locking etc. of capsules.
    In place of manual capsule-filling, it can reduce labor intensity and raise productivity. Its filling amounts are accurate and up to sanitary standards for pharmaceutics.
  • JTJ-A Pro Double-head Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Urban
    The utilty model ciscloses a double-head spreading capsule device, which relates to the technical field of capsule devices. The double-head capsule sowing device comprises an operating table, wherein two bases are fixed on the top of the operating table, long blocks are welded on the tops of the two bases, a supporting block is welded on the top of the long block near one side edge, a conveying long block is welded on the top of the supporting block, and a material frame is fixed on the top of the conveying long block. According to the double-head capsule sowing device, the capsule pushing plate pushes the capsule in the capsule pressing groove to the edge of the capsule pressing groove by starting the second electric push rod, and the capsule enters the capsule groove at the top of the capsule disc by starting the motor, so that the capsule disc rotates. By repeating the above steps, the capsule can be effectively sown into the capsule groove.