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Storage of Capsules

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With the improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of medical and health knowledge, more and more families begin to pay attention to the storage of common drugs. The period of validity marked on the package of a drug refers to the storage period of the drug in the unopened state. Once the sealed package is opened, the service life of the drug will be significantly shortened. So, what is the method of capsule medicine preservation? Let's learn about it below.


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1. Preservation Method of Capsule Medicines

Capsule medicine should be sealed and stored in a cool, airy and dry place. It should be moisture-proof to avoid the deterioration of medicine caused by direct sunlight. The inventory temperature should be maintained at 15-25℃ and relative humidity at 35–65%. Do not store in high temperature and high humidity conditions, otherwise adhesion and deformation will appear due to softening heat. Also it can not be placed in the environment of too low temperature or too dry, otherwise the capsule is easy to produce brittle and fragile phenomenon. Capsules can be made by hand operated capsule filling machine, semi automatic capsule filler, or fully automatic capsule filling machine.



2. Tips for Long-term Drug Preservation

(1) Discard the Desiccant Immediately after Opening the Bottle

The period of validity marked on the drug package refers to the storage life of the pill filler powder in the unopened state. Once the sealed package is opened, the service life of the drug will be significantly shortened. The basic principle of drug preservation is airtight and keeping in dark place. Avoid storing medicines in direct sunlight, let alone stored in cars. In the principle of drug preservation, keeping dry is very important. Some medicine packages contain cotton balls or desiccants. After opening, they should be discarded. Otherwise, they will absorb water vapor, which is more likely to make size 3 capsule filler of the medicine wet and deteriorated. Now the packaging of many drugs has been improved, without desiccant in it, but these drugs should also be kept in dry state.


(2) Small Bottle Separate Packing of Large Bottle Medicine

If it is a large bottle of 100 tablets, and the drug can not be used up quickly, a small amount of tablets can be taken and placed in a dark sealed small glass bottle. Take the medicine in the vial first to reduce the chance of contamination of the tablet due to repeated opening of the bottle. However, it is necessary to put a label on the new glass vial with the name, specification and expiration date of the drug, and avoid confusion with other drugs.


(3) Use it As Soon As Possible for Sachet Medicine

Sometimes we will take back the medicine which is divided into small paper bags from the hospital or clinic. Most of these drugs are separated from the large package, and they are usually taken within 3-7 days. If they are stored in paper bags, they should be taken as soon as possible. If the disease is cured or the medication is adjusted, it is generally recommended to discard it. If the 000 capsule filler is relatively expensive, it can be stored in a small glass bottle with good sealing. It is also necessary to label the bottle with the name, specification and expiration date of the drug to avoid confusion.


(4) Avoid‘Plate Loading’Medicine from Damp

Aluminum plastic packaging medicine, commonly known as ‘plate loading’medicine, is powder automatic capsule or tablet sealed in a separate plastic bubble. This kind of packaging is very dry, but some drugs only need to take half a tablet at a time. Even if the remaining half tablets are put back into the packaging, the preservation environment is changed. Therefore, if it is not taken for the time being and the medicine is more expensive, it is better to keep it in a dark small glass bottle. If the interval is not more than 24 hours, and the medicine is needed to be taken again, put the tablets back in the plastic bubble, but take notice of keeping it away from humid environment. It should also be noted that when taking medicine, the tablets should be broken off and prepared first, and the remaining tablets should be put in place before the medicine is taken, so as to prevent the water from getting on the remaining tablets. Otherwise the tablets put back in the plastic bubble will possibly get damp.


A good way of preservation is to ensure the quality of efficacy, so patients should keep the medicine correctly after it is taken. Correct storage can better guarantee the efficacy. Capsule machines include pill capsule maker, pharmaceutical capsule filling machine, supplement capsule machine, etc.



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