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The Development Of Capsule Filling Machine

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Advancements in pharmaceuticals industry have enabled medicine manufacturers to supply medicines in very large quantities in the market. Capsule filling machines play a key role in pharmaceuticals industry to let the industry serve to the masses. Capsule filling machines are designed to fill the capsule with accuracy and precision, helping to eliminate any side effects with over dosage. Capsule filling machines are commonly available in a semi-automatic and automatic format with capacity ranging from 75,000 to over 300,000 dosages per hour. Using capsule filling machines addresses the biggest concern which is the maintenance of hygiene while manufacturing of the capsules. Nowadays, capsule filling machines are used across all the regions for serving the pharmaceuticals market. Manufacturers across the globe are proffering automatic capsule filling machines on the backdrop of its speed and high filling rate.


Hard gelatin capsule equipment are generally divided into capsule filling, capsule polishing , capsule dispensing and packing. Capsule filling is a key process. The development of capsule filling machines has gone through three periods. The first is manual filling equipment, the second is semi-automatic capsule filling equipment and the third is fully automatic capsule filling equipment.



The development of capsule filling machines


Manual capsules filling machine are generally used in small batches. The production process is completely manual operation. The production process requires a large amount of manpower input, and the production efficiency is low. The sanitary conditions are difficult to meet the national GMP regulations. Now it almost phased out.


The production process is as follows: the granules are laid flat on a suitable plane, and a uniform powder layer is laid with a knife and pressed to a thickness of about 1/3 to 1/4 of the capsule body. Then, the powder layer is inserted into the capsule with the mouth of the capsule inserted downward, and the powder is embedded in the capsule and pressed several times until the capsule is filled.


Due to the low efficiency of manual filling, the sanitary conditions are not up to the national standards, the production methods are backward, and the large demand of the market cannot be met.


Although the semi-automatic capsule filling machine also requires human operation, the degree of automation relative to manual filling is greatly improved, and the production efficiency is also improved a lot. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is an early-stage pharmaceutical production equipment.


The main function is to fill the empty capsule with drugs, and different molds to fill different types of capsules. With open design, it has the characteristics of economy and practicability. However, due to the low degree of automation, low production efficiency, large dust and easy pollution, it is mainly used for implementation or training.


Although the semi-automatic capsule filling machine has been improved, it still cannot fully meet people's needs. The automatic capsule filling is a new type of equipment developed, such as the fully automatic NJP series. The automatic capsule filling machine can realize the production of sealed environment and ensure the hygiene of medicines. At the same time, the automated production line can also ensure high production efficiency and meet people's wide demand for medicines. It is a widely used capsule filling equipment at home and abroad.



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