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The Difference between Automatic and Semi Automatic Filling Machine

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28-1-capsule filling machine

According to the degree of automation, the filling machine can be divided into semi automatic capsule filler and automatic capsule filling machine. When it comes to both, there are no really established rules in the industry. But actually, there are some differences between them.



1. Different Processes


Semi automatic filling machine is generally equipped with foot switch, divided into single head and double head. Its process is as follows.

Quantitative → Bucket discharge → Foot start → Oil nozzle drop → Filling → Oil nozzle recovery → Vacuum suction → Set down a group of empty barrels.


The process of automatic filling machine is as follows:


Manual ration → Manual bottle placing → Automatic sensing of the position of the bottle mouth and oil nozzle falling → Automatic filling → Automatic conveying → Manual cap placing → Automatic capping → Automatic code spraying → Conveyor belt to the warehouse.



2. Different Degree of Automation


Full automatic filling machine has the advantages of high speed, high degree of automation and less labor, so long as someone can ensure that it continues to work. The automatic capsule maker machine relies on mechanical transmission and electronic cooperation, and it can be self-control as soon as it is started. The operator needs only an occasional quality control check. Of course, the operator also needs to provide consumables, such as bottle caps and labels. Over time, the upfront costs of automatic machines will save the operator's labor.


The semi-automatic capsule filling machine has high requirements for pneumatic measurement and needs to be operated by someone. Because custom programming and programmable logic controllers for automated machines are quite expensive, budget customers can purchase the same filling equipment with simple control, such as the semi-automatic capsule bottling machine. Normally, an operator will count the containers as they enter and then operate the foot switch to start a timed filling sequence.



3. Different Speed and Cost


Automatic capsule machine has high cost and poor versatility, so it may need to change parts to achieve universal purpose. The capsule is placed on the conveyor belt of the automatic filling machine, and the equipment has self contained filling, which is fast and can save manpower better. The semi-automatic capsule machine has no conveyor belt, so it needs manual assistance every time. That is, it needs to press the switch manually. The speed is relatively slow, but the price is also cheaper.



4. Different Usages


Automatic piston liquid filling machine is simple and convenient in operation, precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects. It is widely applied in daily chemical, grease and other industries, and can fill different high viscosity fluids. The design of the machine is compact and reasonable, the shape is simple and beautiful, and the filling volume is easy to adjust.


The semi-automatic liquid filling machine realizes the quantitative supply of materials by adjusting the movement distance of the plunger. At the same time, it can make arbitrary adjustment according to different filling amount within the measuring range. It has the characteristics of simple operation, quantitative ejection of compact, accurate measurement and simple structure. It is made of stainless steel materials and meets the requirements of food and medicine production. It is widely applied in the quantitative filling of paste and liquid in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, as well as the quantitative filling of sealed hose.


There are many capsulator machines with different technologies and capacities on the market. The choice of a filling machine is a complex decision based on a series of related factors, including product characteristics, container characteristics, filling dimensions, daily production requirements, factory environment, regulatory issues, and hardware costs and performance. The machine also has a wide range of capacities, ranging from simple manual filling machines at the speed of 10 containers per minute (CPM) to the high-speed capsule filling equipment running at 1000+CPM.



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