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The Difference between Different Capsule Machines

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The automatic capsule filling machine on the market are based on the operation principle of tamping pin or dosator. The small automatic capsule filling machine is designed according to the unique process, which can maximize the quality of the product. In most cases, people find it difficult to choose the right technology to meet their capsule filling requirements. This is because people don't understand the difference between different high quality capsule filling machine.


79-1-capsule filling machine


The Differences between Tamping Pin and Dosator Capsule Filling Machines


Dosator Is Suitable for Micro Powder Filling Applications


The capsules in the dry powder inhaler are very small and contain about 200 mg or less by weight. Even with this small size, the dry powder inhaler must contain the correct amount of powder dose. For this application, only the dosator capsule filling machine is suitable for this task. Under normal circumstances, the efficient capsule filling machine manufacturer will reduce the size of the dose nozzle to adapt to the diameter of the capsule. 


Still, manufacturers are exploring other technologies, such as vacuum dosing wheels. Most companies in the pharmaceutical industry need machines that can distribute a small amount of powder, even if it's only one milligram. Obviously, tamping pin capsule filling machine is not suitable for any micro powder filling application.


Tamping Pin Technology is Suitable for Automatic Capsule Filling Machines


In recent years, some multifunctional capsule filling machine manufacturers mainly use tamping pin technology to produce low-consumption capsule filling machine. This technology can provide machines with high production accuracy. In addition, you can also use tamping pin technology to meet a wide range of production needs, such as filling bad fluid powders, food, medicines, etc.


The Working Principle of Tamping Pin Filling Machine and Dosator Capsule Filling Machine


Tamping pin all-round capsule filling machine has several pins, and in most cases there are five pins. It has a dosing disc with several holes on its surface. Usually, these holes are closed to the tamping plate. When the powder flows into the hole, the tamping pin will compresses the powder together. As the dosing disc rotates, the holes move to the next tamping pin, powder flows in as it gets compressed. Basically, the powder undergoes successive compression to a controlled depth.


The dosator capsule filling machine has a dosator and a pin. The design is such that the dosator has a small hole or cavity at its tip. Therefore, inserting the dosator into the powder bed ensures that the loose packed powder fills the cavity. With the powder in the chamber, a small pin in the dosator system applies a small force to press the powder into the dosator chamber.


Tamping pin energy saving capsule filling machine and dosator capsule filling machine may be different in design, application type and production output. Therefore, before purchasing the machine, be sure to ask the manufacturer for details to ensure that you purchase the correct equipment. You need to review the production output of every equipment and the recommended fill materials. Also, don't forget to check the product manual for comprehensive information about the machine.



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