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The Importance of Drug Packaging to Patients

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Medical errors are one of the most dangerous and expensive problems facing the medical industry. These problems increase the risk of life-threatening and fatal injuries to patients due to medical procedures and drugs designed to help them. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Resources' Agency of Health Care Research and Quality, about 700000 people visit the emergency room every year due to adverse drug events (ADE). 


60-2-blister packaging machine


Patients Need Better Packaging Design


Drug packaging refers to the process of packaging semi-finished products or finished products of pharmaceutical preparations with appropriate materials or containers and packaging technology, so as to provide quality assurance, identify trademarks and instructions for drugs. The role of drug packaging in the field of circulation can be divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. Its functions mainly include three aspects: protection function, convenient application and commodity publicity. In the packaging process, if not handled properly, it may cause pollution to the drug. According to the survey, one-third of medical errors are caused by the label or the package. Here are some common questions about drug packaging and labeling.


Drugs on the same production line cannot be distinguished from each other due to similar container characteristics.


Drugs requiring dilution cannot be distinguished from containers that allow direct use.


Drug manufacturers may mislabel drugs when packaging them.


When printing the label of a drug, a malfunction of the machine may lead to a printing error in the text on the label, which may mislead the patient or doctor.


The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has issued guidelines for pharmaceutical and medical companies to reduce the number of medical errors that occur. These guidelines focus on patient needs to provide quality health care to patients with better packaging and labeling.



Innovative Drug Packaging Solutions


Pharmaceutical companies are looking for a safe and reliable way of packaging because of the potential for serious harm to patients caused by errors in drug packaging. At present, the best solution is to use oil capsule filling machines to package drugs. 


At present, most pharmaceutical companies use automatic blister packaging machines to package drugs. Gel capsule packaging machine is a highly automated machine that can quickly complete the packaging of drugs. Supplement capsule packaging machine can not only improve the production efficiency of enterprises, but also reduce the production cost of enterprises. 


Semi automatic encapsulation machine can automatically complete a series of processes such as distribution, packaging and labeling. In addition, the automatic drug packing machine also has the function of automatically printing labels, which can reduce printing errors. 400 holes capsule filling machine is robust and versatile, it can effectively ensure the quality of drugs. Hand operated capsule packing machines can package both liquid and solid drugs. When using the high quality blister packing machine, pharmaceutical companies only need to regularly maintain the it to ensure that it can work normally for a long time. If there is a major problem with the multifunctional blister packing machine, the pharmaceutical company only needs to call the machine manufacturer for maintenance. 



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