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The Manufacturing Process of Non woven Fabric

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Nowadays, due to the huge competitive pressure, non-woven fabric enterprises must carry out rapid iteration and continuous update to ensure the production of high-quality specifications at the lowest cost.


This industry is different from other industries in that it relies on highly engineered mass production, and the industry is driven by the development of machinery, process control and material technology. In order to have a sustainable future, non-woven factories must stand by these developments at the forefront.



What is a non woven fabric?


Non woven fabrics are broadly defined as web structures bonded together by entangling fibres mechanically, thermally fusing the fibres or chemically bonding the fibres. Non woven are defined more exactly by various bodies one of the most often quoted is the International Non woven & Disposables Association (INDA) definition: Non woven are a sheet, web, or bat of natural and/or man-made fibers or filaments, excluding paper, that have not been converted into yarns, and that are bonded to each other by any of several means.


Non woven are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require converting the fibres to yarn. Non woven fabrics are engineered fabrics that may be single-use disposable or a very durable fabric. Non-woven fabrics are made from raw materials provided by non woven fabric raw material suppliers. They are used in numerous applications, including; baby diapers, adult incontinence products, wet wipes, surgical drapes and covers, liquid cartridge and bag filters, face masks, air-conditioning filters, soil stabilizers and non woven medical textiles, erosion control, drainage systems, insulation (fiberglass batting), pillows, cushions, and upholstery padding, carpet backing, automotive headliners and upholstery, house wraps, and disposable clothing (foot coverings, coveralls).



Non woven manufacturing process


Non woven manufacturing can be described in simple terms as a series of manufacturing steps consisting of forming a fibrous web, entangling or bonding the fibres in the web to impart mechanical integrity to the structure and converting the fabric to impart some special properties to the fabric that the customer specifies. The manufacturing steps are described below:


Web Formation


The characteristics of the fibrous web are a key determinant of the physical properties of the final product. Laminated non woven fabric should be made by the proper fibrous web.


Web bonding


Needle punching is a process of bonding nonwoven web structures mechanically interlocking the fibers through the web. Barbed needles, mounted on a board, punch fibers into the web and then are withdrawn leaving fibers entangled. The needles are spaced in a non-aligned arrangement are designed to release the fiber as the needle board is withdrawn.


Finishing and converting


The last operations is finishing and converting performed on the fabric before it is delivered to the non woven fabric factories. Aft finishing the fabric, it is usually cut to the width the customer specifies a rewound ready for shipment. This is known as converting.

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