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The Right Way to Take Capsules

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Capsule is a kind of preparation that encapsulates drugs in capsule body and capsule cap. The capsule is made of gelatin and food setting agent by capsule packing machine, automatic capsule filling machine, medicine capsule filling machine, etc. It is easy to dissolve and convenient for powder charge.



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1. How to Take Capsules Correctly


The best position to take a capsule is to take it standing and swallowing with the head down. Take a cup of about 100 to 200 ml of water with moderate temperature. The patient should stand or sit upright. First drink a mouthful water to moisten the throat and esophagus. When taking medicine, take a sip of water and lower the head slightly after putting the capsule into the mouth. Taking advantage of the fact that the specific gravity of the capsule is lighter than water and the capsule can float upward, the capsule is easy to be swallowed after it is swallowed gently. Do not look down or look up too much. Then drink the rest of the water and make sure the capsule is flushed into the stomach. This method is also very suitable for sensible children. Because some drugs are very bitter or have peculiar smell, children do not want to take. At this time, the medicine can also be crushed and put into hollow capsules. The effect is very good according to the above method.



2. Precautions for Taking Capsules

(1) Do Not Swallow Directly

Dry swallowing the capsule will cause the capsule not to enter the stomach quickly, and may adhere to the esophagus. If local pill capsule filler is released, it can damage the esophagus and cause mucosal damage and even ulcer. What's more, because there is not enough water to help dissolve, some drugs are easy to form stones in the body, such as compound sulfamethoxazole and other sulfanilamide drugs.


(2) Do Not Take the Capsule Apart

Some drugs can stimulate the esophageal and gastric mucosa and even cause burns. These capsule filler powder are encapsulated in capsules, which not only protect the drug properties from being damaged, but also protect the esophagus and respiratory tract. Some capsules are enteric coated capsules, which are used as protective shells to transport drugs all the way into the intestinal tract, so that drug ingredients can avoid gastric acid decomposition and be effectively absorbed when they reach the intestinal tract safely. Some capsules belong to sustained-release and controlled-release capsules, which can prolong the release time of drug components and make the efficacy more stable.


(3) Do Not Take Medicine Lying Down

Lying down to take medicine, the drug is easy to adhere to the esophageal wall. It may not only affect the curative effect, but also stimulate the esophagus, causing cough or local inflammation. It may even damage the esophageal wall in serious cases and bury the possible hidden worry of esophageal cancer. Therefore, it is better to take the medicine in sitting or standing position.


(4) To Eat by Breaking or Dissolving in Water

Some people can not swallow the medicine themselves or are afraid of childrens choking, so they break up the pill filler powder or dissolve it with water before taking it. This will not only affect the curative effect, but also increase the adverse reactions of the drug.


(5) To Take Medicine with Drinks

The correct way is to take medicine with moderate-temperature water. Because milk, juice, tea, cola and other drinks will interact with medicines, which may affect the efficacy and even lead to danger.


(6) Cold Water or Warm Water?

When taking capsules, whether with cold water or warm water depends on the actual situation. Taking capsules with cold water will not affect the dissolution of capsules and absorption of efficacy. Warm water can quickly dissolve and dilute medicines, which can not only reduce the stimulation of drugs on digestive tract, but also facilitate the absorption of medicines. If medicine is taken with boiled water, the amount of water should be more careful. More water should be drunk to ensure that the medicines reach the stomach smoothly, and it also reduce the stimulation of some medicines on the esophagus. Capsules can be made by capsule filling machine hand operated, pharmaceutical capsule filling machine, etc.


Capsule has its advantages and limitations. Because of its large volume, swallowing is relatively difficult. For children, capsules made by empty capsules filling machine or electric capsule filling machine are generally not recommended. It is better to adopt drops, oral preparations and other forms that are easy to swallow.



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