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The food packaging market will reach six trillion!

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In the food industry, the packaging market is very important. With the increase in urban population and the rapid development of retail infrastructure, the demand for packaged food continues to grow, which has promoted the expansion of the packaging market. According to a report from a market research organization, by 2026, the global food packaging market will reach 606.3 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.6%. At the same time, new development trends are emerging in the packaging industry.



The development trend of packaging products


Green packaging materials

In the process of modern food industry, food packaging is a very important process. It can protect the food, so that the food will not be damaged by external factors during the circulation process, so as to keep the quality of the food itself stable. At present, my country's food packaging is divided into four major categories, namely metal packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging and glass packaging. As consumers' awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, the market for paper packaging has expanded.


In addition to paper packaging, some new packaging materials for waste recycling are also being continuously developed. An Israeli technology company successfully developed a natural environmentally friendly material using bagasse as a raw material to replace crystalline polyethylene terephthalate (C-PET) plastic to produce ready-to-eat food packaging boxes. A company in Southern California is also studying the use of bagasse (sugar cane fiber), bamboo, wheat, straw and other organic fiber agricultural waste to produce degradable and environmentally friendly food packaging.


Packaging technology continues to upgrade

In addition to packaging materials, packaging equipment also occupies an important position in food packaging. Nowadays, the packaging forms of the domestic food market are very diverse, including boxes, bags, prefabricated bags, stretch films, etc., and the required packaging equipment is also different. my country's packaging equipment research and development started slowly, but after years of development, the domestic packaging equipment manufacturing industry has achieved good results.


It is understood that the current domestic food packaging equipment includes vacuum packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging machines, pillow packaging machines, stretch film packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, etc., which can meet the packaging needs of different foods. But it is worth noting that although domestic food packaging technology has developed rapidly.



The future market development trend of packaging equipment


Some institutions predict that my country's packaging equipment market demand will reach 16.85 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.15%. If domestic packaging equipment manufacturers want to compete for this market share, they also need to improve the equipment structure and promote the development of equipment in the direction of multi-function and combination, so that packaging machinery can accept more different packaging forms, involving shapes, sizes, and materials. Structure etc.



The quality of food packaging is directly related to the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of hundreds of millions of people. Therefore, food packaging occupies an important position in the food industry. In recent years, with the transformation of social development concepts, food packaging materials tend to be green and environmentally friendly. Special equipment for food packaging is also developing in the direction of good dynamic accuracy and high degree of automation to meet the ever-increasing production needs.



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