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Top three green packaging trends !

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Green Package can be referred to as pollution-free packaging and environmental friendly package, which refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and is in line with sustainable development. Its philosophy has two implications: one is to protect the environment, and the other is to save resources. Let us take a look at the new trend of green packaging.


54-1 green package 

1. The CPG giant has set big green packaging goals


It seems that green packaging is a good trend especially with the help of packing machine for food products. As many international CPG companies have already figured out, sustainable packaging practices are not only good for the environment, but also good for the bottom line for example beans packaging machine. In fact, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project, companies adopted sustainable packaging strategies have found that their ROI has increased by 18% compared to companies that are not committed to such work.This kind of situation is very obviously on vegetable area which can use vegetable packaging machine. The following are some of the lofty sustainable packaging goals recently announced by top international companies: Nestlé, Coca-Cola, McDonald, Wal-Mart. Those companies are very strict for all food packaging equipment. And many people is interested in the machina price and the rice packing machine price is about $20,000.



2. Change the relationship between consumers and packaging


Announced at the World Economic Forum in February 2019 and reported by Packaging Digest, Terra Cycle showcased Loop, a platform that enables customers to responsibly consume products contained in durable, reusable packaging that have passed Collect, clean, refill and reuse. The product will be piloted in the northeastern United States in the spring of 2019 firstly used in rice packing machine price. It will provide products from international giants such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever(use salad packing machine), Nestle(Nestle use coffee packing machine), Mondelez International(Mondelez use ice cream packing machine ), etc.



3. State and local governments take the lead in regulating packaging waste.


The current US government authorities tend to relax or cancel regulations, which may mean that there will not be too many sustainable packaging regulations on the federal side in the near future. However, at the state and local levels, there are countless laws governing the recycling of empty containers, prohibiting certain packaging materials (such as polystyrene), prohibiting or restricting the use of plastic shopping bags, and prohibiting the use of plastic straws. Or which may be influenced.  



4. The bottom line


The broad sweeping green packaging strategy initiated by large companies will undoubtedly push smaller companies to adopt similar measures if they want to remain competitive. In the short term, this may cause difficulties because small companies have fewer resources and less leeway to absorb additional execution costs. However, in the long run, consumer demand for green packaging will not disappear and is expected to increase, so it is inevitable to switch to a sustainable packaging model.


Green packaging starts with the use of green packaging machines. Welcome to visit our official website to learn more about packaging machines.

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