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Troubleshooting of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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The automatic capsule filling machine generally adopts the form of automatic intermittent rotary motion, which is installed on the rotary table in the center of the working table. There are eight short stops per revolution. The rotary table transports the capsules to each workstation around the rotary table. During the short staying time of each station, various operations such as capsule sowing, capsule splitting, filling, waste capsule removing, capsule locking, capsule discharging, mold cleaning and other operations are carried out automatically at the same time.



1. Troubleshooting of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


When the automatic capsule maker machine fails abnormally, it may lead to a camtimingerror (That is, the action sequence of each cam is wrong). When it is adjusted, make sure that the machine does not interfere with the movement. The motor runs continuously by slowing down. The filling turntable moves intermittently by the dividing box of turntable station. When it is necessary to adjust thetiming(i.e. cam action sequence) of the cam, turn the main motor shaft with the handle.


(1) For the capsule distribution of the second station, the capsule can be sent to the upper die port with a cam.


(2) The cam for separating the capsule cap body on the second station with a vacuum separator should be raised to the lower plane of the lower mold. The vacuum system should generate enough vacuum to make the capsule enter the mold and separate the cap and the body.


(3) Lift up the capsule removal cam of the sixth station of automatic capsule machine and take out the remaining capsules.


(4) The cam to lock the filled capsule on station 8 should lift and lock the capsule.


(5) The finished product should be hoisted out of the cam to push out the finished product in the ninth station.


 32-2-automatic capsule

2. Utilization and Maintenance of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Before the utilization of automatic capsulator machines, check whether the parts of the machine and equipment are in good condition, and disinfect and clean the instrument as required. According to the process requirements such as filling volume, select the appropriate pallet size, powder or particle filling system.


(1) The support shall be parallel to the pot body, and the filler rod shall be perpendicular to the support to ensure that the filler rod can freely enter and exit the filling hole of the pot body. Loosen the set screw, and turn the lock nut to the required height (or engraved on the rod). Then tighten the screw and nut to adjust the height of the filling seat.


(2) After all safety settings are properly configured and adjusted, turn the machine 1-3 turns in the running direction without capsules and drugs with the handwheel. Then, under all normal conditions, the capsules and powder (or particles) are respectively packed into their respective containers, and the filling height is 30mm below the edge of the container.


(3) Adjust the insertion depth of the filling rod of the automatic medicine capsule filling machine. The maximum filling amount of automatic capsule depends on the size of the capsule, the height of the filler plate and the compaction degree of the filling rod to the capsule filler powder. Adjust the height of the filling rod.


(4) For the protection of the filling mechanism, the measuring cylinder should be inspected regularly to remove the sediment adhered to the cylinder. Apply a thin layer of grease to the track on the roller every month. The gears and cams are cleaned and lubricated every two weeks.


(5) After utilization, clean the automatic capsules machine and dry them.


At the end of each day, the residual drugs on the machine and in the mould hole should be cleaned up to keep the whole capsule bottling machine clean and hygienic. Avoid washing the host machine with water.



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