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Types Of Capsule Filling Machines

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Capsule filling machines, also called encapsulators, are mechanical devices commonly used for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes. There are many forms of drugs, such as oil, powder, liquid and so on. Capsules can not only reduce people's fear of drugs, but also solve the problem of drug storage. Of course, different types of capsules need different types of capsule filling machine to make. Let's talk about the types of capsule machines.

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Types of capsule filling machine


Generally, there are three types of capsule filling machines. As discussed earlier, factors such as the speed of production and capsule type to be produced will enable you to know which type of capsule machine is the best for your production needs.

Manual capsule filling machine


Just as its name implies, the type of capsule filling machines is easy to operate and relatively low in cost with a relatively fast capsule filling capacity. Manual capsule filling machines are majorly useful for experimental drug design and homemade capsule production since they can only give a small to medium-sized capsule filling. A manual capsule filling machine gives the best result for filling separated capsules. The production capacity of a manual capsule filling machine is about 6000 - 6,250 capsules per hour


Basic parts of a manual capsule machine include:

  1. A powder tray.

  2. A pin plate with approximately 200-300 pins.

  3. A sealing plate with a rubber cap.

  4. A lever.

  5. A bed with approximately 200-300 holes.

  6. A loading tray with about 200-300 holes.

  7. A cam handle with a loading tray of approximately 250 holes.


Semi-automatic capsule filling machine


This type of capsule filling machine combines both the manual and automatic methods of capsule filling in the filling process. In terms of operation, the semi-automatic capsule filling machine is relatively easy to operate although a bit complex than the manual capsule filling machine. Talking about its design,

Its construction of a semi-automatic capsule filling machine includes stainless steel, and non-corrosive material. With this, it makes it easy to clean after use, and thus reducing the risk of contamination.


The semi-automatic capsule filling machine can straddle both the filling of separated and joined capsules conveniently. The production capacity of this type of capsule machines is between 25,000 – 30,000 capsules per hour.  


Automatic capsule filling machine


This type of capsule filling machine is specifically built to fill empty gelatin capsules with granules or powders automatically. Automatic capsule filling machines are used in the production of capsule on a large scale because of their efficiency during work. Also, they are machines that are designed to be very durable, reliable, and of high precision when it comes to filling capsules to the desired standard and quality.


A fully automatic capsule filling machine can work in synergy with other peripheral parts such as an online capsule polishing machine, damaged capsule sorted, empty capsule ejector, and dust extractor. Generally, automatic capsule filling machines can fill only joined capsules, and they can fill approximately 95,000 - 120,000 capsules per hour.


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