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Types of Masks

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Mask is used to block dust, bacteria and other impurities in the air into the human respiratory tract. The quality of the mask determines its ability to block impurities. Most masks are made by mask making machines. According to different materials, one face mask making machine can be used to produce a variety of masks. There are different kinds of masks, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. 


7-3-mask making machine


Cotton Mask


Cotton masks are the most common type of masks. Its main function is to keep warm. People can also add filters to a cotton mask to give it a filtering effect. Although the cotton mask has good air permeability, cotton masks can hardly keep dust and bacteria out. So this kind of mask can only be used to keep warm, it can hardly protect the safety of human respiratory tract. Cotton masks are generally made by N95 mask making machine, but they can also be made by hand.



Fashionable Cotton Mask


This kind of mask is the upgraded version of cotton mask. It has the function of keeping warm just like ordinary cotton mask. But its appearance is more fashionable and can be used as an ornament. Like the cotton mask, this kind of mask can hardly block all kinds of impurities in the air. Workers use the surgical mask making machine to make the mask, and then put it into the printing machine to print various patterns on its surface to make it more beautiful. 



Surgical Mask


The surgical masks are generally made of automatic ear loop face mask making machines and sold in pharmacies. It should be noted that the sterilization grade marked on the outer package of surgical mask refers to the cleanliness of the mask itself, which has nothing to do with the filtration effect. The surgical masks can block some impurities in the air. Therefore, using this mask can protect human health to a certain extent. After the surgical masks are made by the automatic mask making machine, the machine will disinfect them, and finally they will be packed by the cup mask making machine.



Activated Carbon Mask


Activated carbon has good adsorption capacity, so it is also used to make masks. Activated carbon masks are generally made by medical mask making machines in factories. These masks are available in pharmacies and convenience stores. The quality of activated carbon used by different activated carbon masks is different, so its filtering effect is also different. The use time of an activated carbon mask is usually several hours. After that time, its filtering effect will decline.



N95 Mask


N95 mask is a professional protective mask, which can filter more than 95% impurities in the air. Therefore, the manufacturing process of this kind of mask is more complicated than other masks, so it can only be made by fish mask making machine. This kind of mask is usually used to block droplets, bacteria and viruses in the air. Therefore, medical staff will wear this kind of mask when taking care of infectious patients. Although this kind of mask has a good filtering effect, it has poor air permeability. You may feel difficult to breathe after wearing it for a long time.



N100 Mask


This kind of mask has stronger filtration capacity than N95 mask, and it can almost completely filter impurities in the air. This kind of mask can only be made by mouth mask making machine. Because of its super filtration capacity, it can be used to filter dust with nuclear radiation. This kind of mask is not only expensive, but also has poor air permeability. Therefore, ordinary citizens don't need to use such masks.  

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